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Mozilla started the Data Futures Lab to address these harms and, ambitiously, to reimagine the data economy.

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Data For Empowerment

This collaborative research series explores how power can be shifted through data governance. Learn about the ideas, risks and opportunities of this new innovation landscape for the internet.

Data Futures Lab Glossary

Key terms and concepts for our work explained.

Additional Resources

Disrupting Data Governance: A Mozilla Guide for Reshaping the Data Economy

Research on regulations in the U.S., India, Germany, and Kenya, explores alternative data management avenues for protecting and creating value with data.

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Mozilla's Lean Data Practices

Staying lean and being smart about how you collect data can build trust with your users and ultimately help grow your business.

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The Stewardship Mapper

This map, from The Data Economy Lab, represents the variety of choices, structural considerations and options at hand that pertain to technical modalities, participation of end-users/beneficiaries, governance and organizational structure.

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The Stewardship Navigator

An interactive tool from The Data Economy Lab that guides users through various foundational decisions and structural considerations for data stewardship.

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Participatory Data Stewardship

A framework for involving people in the use of data, from the Ada Lovelace Institute.

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