Funded Projects

2023 Cohort

  • 2023 Cohort


    Working with the Black Wealth Data Center, they are creating an interactive data tool to understand broadband inequalities in the U.S. Leveraging existing but dispersed data and a network of collaborators, they seek to shine a light on where ‘digital deserts’ exist, and how different communities are impacted by them.

  • 2023 Cohort


    Developing a new version of OONI Run, a tool that allows coordinated testing of website blocking using OONI's existing infrastructure and contributing to its dataset. They seek to deploy this tool in the field through their established partnerships with 41 digital rights organizations around the world.

  • 2023 Cohort


    Consolidating their Posmo Data Market, a trustworthy data space sharing detailed personal mobility and socioeconomic data with third parties under ethical terms while providing data subjects with control over the use of their data.

  • 2023 Cohort


    Developing Uli, a browser plugin that gives social media users tools for a collective response to online gender-based violence. And also seeking new crowdsourcing tools for annotation and reporting.

  • 2023 Cohort


    Maintaining its Big Data Donation Project, which enables people to donate data from their diabetes devices to help fuel the next generation of research. They will develop a blanket real-world evidence protocol to expand the potential impact of the donated data and conduct interviews to help measure and share the impact of the data sets donated.

2022 Cohort

  • 2022 Cohort

    Driver’s Seat Cooperative

    Driver’s Seat is a cooperative owned by rideshare and delivery drivers, with the mission of transforming the gig economy through shared data ownership. Drivers themselves are at the forefront of the organization, the mobile app, and website that they use to collect data and share insights. This allows them to make more money and have more control over their work.

  • 2022 Cohort


    PLACE Trust is a non-profit organization making high-resolution mapping images accessible under a public interest legal trust. Currently, all value in mapping data is in the hands of large tech companies. PLACE provides an opportunity for these data sets to be pooled and collectively owned by local governments and organizations.

  • 2022 Cohort

    Drivers Coop

    Driver’s Coop is a cooperatively owned rideshare app with over 5,000 drivers and 40,000 riders. The organization is working to revolutionize the rideshare industry through worker ownership and by providing alternatives to mainstream platforms.

  • 2022 Cohort

    Digital Democracy

    Digital Democracy works with local communities and individuals around the world to collect and share evidence of human and environmental rights abuses through an app called Mapeo. Users can download the app and use it offline while tracking remote terrains. It’s available in local languages, and records location points, photographs of landmarks, and events.

2021 Cohort

  • signal boost
    2021 Cohort

    Signal Boost

    Signalboost is a messaging application that provides encrypted broadcasts and hotlines to activists, organizers, and other vulnerable populations. It doesn’t rely on SMS, which is vulnerable to surveillance, and doesn’t require users to expose their phone number.

  • 2021 Cohort

    Consumer Reports Digital Lab

    Consumer Reports’ Digital Lab enables consumers to better exercise their data rights. They are building Permission Slip, a mobile app that lets consumers easily set permissions for what companies can do with their data, and also facilitates data-related requests on their behalf.

  • 2021 Cohort

    Worker Info Exchange

    Worker Info Exchange is a nonprofit trade union for drivers whose livelihoods depend on app-based services like Uber. The organization helps gig workers access, analyze, and act on insights from their personal data collected and processed at work.

Infrastructure Grants

  • 2021 Grant

    Consumer Reports Digital Lab

    Consumer Reports’ Digital Lab created the Data Rights Protocol (DRP), a technical standard for the delivery of data requested through Subject Access Requests. The goal of DRP is to enable quicker turnaround on requests, set expectations for the type and amount of data that is delivered by complying organizations and, finally, use the standard and accompanying tools to show (in court) what compliance looks like or should look like.

  • 2022 Grant

    Te Hiku Media

    Te Hiku Media will complete documentation for the Kaitiakitanga indigenous data license which enables communities to maintain guardianship over their data.

  • 2023 Grant

    Data Nutrition Project

    The Data Nutrition Project creates tools and practices that encourage responsible AI development, partners across disciplines to drive broader change, and builds inclusion and equity into their work. They will host a convening to surface best practices and current challenges, and build community around dataset auditing.

Related Projects

Mozilla’s efforts to make the data economy more fair aren’t limited to the Data Futures Lab. Our related projects include:

Creative Media Awards

Supporting people and projects that reimagine the way data is governed, from researchers in South Africa, to sex workers in the U.S., to educators in Italy, and beyond.

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Common Voice

is an open-source initiative to make voice technology more inclusive. People can donate their voices to an open-source dataset, and technologists can then use that data to create new products. To date, Common Voice has collected more than 20,000 hours of speech in over 90 languages.

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Regrets Reporter

is Mozilla’s crowdsourced research project into YouTube’s recommendation AI. The open-source browser extension turns everyday YouTube users into YouTube watchdogs, who donate their data to shed light on one of the internet’s most powerful AI curation systems.

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*Privacy Not Included

is Mozilla’s consumer tech guide that focuses not on price or performance, but privacy. The guide highlights which gadgets and apps respect users’ personal data (and which don’t), allowing shoppers to make informed decisions.

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