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Database of Initiatives | Alternative Data Governance in Practice

Explore examples of initiatives from around the world.

Last updated — Machi 31, 2021

What does alternative data governance look like in practice? Who is shifting power between data collectors and data subjects in meaningful ways?

With a team of regional researchers, Mozilla Insights gathered examples of 110 organizations, companies, and projects around the world in September 2020. In March 2021 we updated the database to include examples of the ‘ecosystem’ of organizations, companies, and software developers who support innovation in this field.

Click on the "Projects" or "Supporting entities" tabs to browse different intiatives. We describe our research methods and detailed findings in a Global Landscape Scan and Analysis and in What helps? Understanding Needs and the Ecosystem for Support.

Click the blue tabs to navigate. You can also browse the database directly on Airtable. If you wish to suggest corrections or additions, please contact us.

This database forms part of a collaborative research series by Mozilla Insights called Data for Empowerment. The research informs the work of the Data Futures Lab.