Tell Tinder: It’s time for meaningful transparency into your pricing algorithms!

Dating platform Tinder is unfairly charging some customers more when setting prices – and it is using their personal data to do so.

Mozilla partnered with Consumers International, a global consumer advocate organization, to study Tinder’s algorithmic pricing model, and we found shocking evidence: Tinder uses sensitive personal information to charge app users up to 5x the price – for the same service.

Further, users over 30 were likely to pay a whopping 65.3% more than users 18-29 for a 12 month Tinder Plus subscription.

Even if you don't use Tinder or other dating apps, we need to hold Tinder to account to send a strong message that we won't stand for personal data being used to price-gouge some people. Tinder is also abusing the trust of its users by using their sensitive data in a way that they didn’t meaningfully consent to in their attempt to find love. Together, we can push Tinder to do the right thing and give meaningful transparency into its pricing algorithm.

Add your name now and tell Tinder: it’s time for meaningful transparency into your pricing algorithms!

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