Common Voice wouldn’t be possible without our language communities. Language community members mobilise participation and inspire us as a team.

I joined Mozilla in June as the Common Voice Community Manager and had the amazing opportunity to connect with language community members all over the world.

The Community strategy seeks to create new ways to support our language communities, and build on existing ones. So far we have hosted Community Sessions on the Common Voice Roadmap, opened Discourse discussions on Reward and recognition and launched the V1.2 Common Voice Community Playbook.

To further expand our models for participation, and raise up the voices of those in the communities, we will be trialling a Common Voice Language Reps Council. We hope this will support the community to have even more say in important decisions.

The Common Voice Language Reps Council aims to:

  • Create an explicit avenue for representatives of language communities to advocate for their language community’s needs
  • Empower contributors and language communities with knowledge and influence to shape the community experience

Why is this important?

  • Data collected about us doesn’t have to be extractive - we should have an influence and say with how products are designed.
  • As Common Voice grows we need sustainable and collaborative avenues to highlight the unique needs of particular communities.

Learn more about the Common Voice Language Reps programme and how you can apply today on the Common Voice Discourse.