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Sonos One takes the sound quality of Sonos speakers and adds in voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for a smart speaker that sounds smart too. Play music, set alarms, ask questions, get answers, pretend like you don't live alone, all with this humidity resistant little speaker that won't freak out during a hot shower in your bathroom. It's not the cheapest smart speaker on the market, but audiophiles will likely approve.

O que pode acontecer se algo der errado?

Sonos does a decent job with privacy and security as a whole. They say they do not and will not sell personal information about their customers, which, yay! Still, with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant built in, know that those voice requests to Alexa or Google Assistant are sent to Amazon and Google even if Sonos doesn't hang on to any of your voice recordings. Amazon and Google will collect data on you from those voice requests. Sonos did have a small privacy goof early in 2020 when they sent an email to 450 customers and revealed all of their email addresses to each other. To be fair, we've all probably made a mistake like that so we'll cut them a little slack. One more thing. If you decide to use Sonos Radio, a $7.99 subscription service that plays you curated music and lets you tune into over 60,000 radio stations around the world, Sonos will share some anonymized data with third party advertisers for internet based ads. This isn't a huge deal though, so we're not too worried about it.

Dicas para se proteger

  • If you are using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, adjust the respective privacy settings of the service.
  • mobile

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Dispositivo: Não

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Dispositivo: Sim

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Rastreia localização

Dispositivo: Não

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O que pode ser usado para se inscrever?

Que dados a empresa coleta?

Como a empresa usa esses dados?

According to Sonos, it does not and will not sell personal information about its customers. Sonos does not use information that personally identifies you to display interest-based ads.

If you decide to use Sonos Radio, they will share a subset of your de-identified and anonymized data with third party advertising companies to present, via Sonos Products, interest-based ads. Specifically, they share the following information with advertising partners: location, language, and genre of the station you are currently listening to.

Como você pode controlar seus dados?

Sonos promises to delete data as soon as it is no longer needed for purposes such as having a customer relationship. Unfortunately, no clear retention details are stated. If there is any personal data that, for technical reasons, Sonos is unable to delete entirely from their systems, Sonos will implement appropriate measures to prevent any further processing or use of such data.

Qual é o histórico conhecido da empresa na proteção de dados dos usuários?


An email sent by Sonos to 450 customers revealed all of their email addresses to each other in January 2020. In 2017, a security vulnerability left some Sonos speakers vulnerable.

Este produto pode ser usado offline?


Informações de privacidade fáceis de entender?


Links para informações de privacidade

Este produto atende aos nossos padrões mínimos de segurança? informações




Uses encryption in transit and at rest.

Senha forte


Atualizações de segurança


Automatic updates are enabled by default.

Gerencia vulnerabilidades


Sonos does not have an official bug bounty program, but invites responsible disclosure of security bugs.

Política de privacidade


O produto usa inteligência artificial? informações


Sonos relies on speech recognition technology from Amazon or Google.

Esta inteligência artificial não é confiável?

Não foi possível determinar

Que tipo de decisões a inteligência artificial faz sobre você ou por você?

A empresa é transparente sobre como funciona a inteligência artificial?

Não aplicável

O usuário tem controle sobre os recursos da inteligência artificial?


*Privacidade não incluída

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