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Crossing paths and finding dates. That's the idea behind the location-based dating app Happn. Launched in 2014, Happn works by showing you other people on Happn who you have crossed paths with (and by crossed paths, they mean come within 250 meters of). If you cross paths with someone who catches your eye, you can like their profile. Only if that person likes you back, what Happn calls a Crush, can you then message them. Free users can access basic matching, sending likes, and chatting with a crush. Premium users get to remove ads from the app, set invisibility time so others can't see them, and lock down privacy settings more tightly. Your phone number or Facebook is required to sign up.

O que pode acontecer se algo der errado?

Good news! Happn isn't as terrible with your privacy as so many other dating apps. Bad news! They still share your personal information with a host of other companies. Good news! They at least tell you who those other companies are and what they do with you data -- like Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat who they use for things like "Marketing operations to non-Members." This sort of data sharing isn't uncommon, we still don't love it. Happn is a location-based app hoping to connect people who cross paths, much like Tinder and Grindr, and is way better than Tinder and Grindr at protecting users privacy and security. Happn isn't perfect though. Users have the option to sign in with Facebook or their phone number. In 2017, Happn was found leaking users' Facebook information like location, pictures, and identities because they weren't securing this data properly. There are always risks when you use Facebook to connect to your dating apps. So please remember, when you connect a social media account like Facebook to Happn, both Facebook and Happn now potentially collect more information together. That's why we recommend users don't link your dating app to Facebook, use your phone number instead. Because really, you don't need to share all your personal info with Facebook, and then Happn, and then Happn may share more with Facebook and then it all gets exposed and soon the world knows where you like to hang out and who you think is hot. That might be a recipe for a good date...it's also potentially a recipe for disaster.

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Pode me bisbilhotar? informações


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Rastreia localização

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O que pode ser usado para se inscrever?

Phone or third party (Facebook or Apple) is required to sign up. Email is optional at a later point during the sign-up process

Que dados a empresa coleta?

Como a empresa usa esses dados?

It is unclear whether Happn ever sells user data or not. The company does share personal data with at least 20 other companies. However, while in some instances Happn provides email address and phone number to some third-parties (such as Facebook) for advertising purposes, it is unclear what data is shared with other companies..

Como você pode controlar seus dados?

Users can request to view and delete their personal data by emailing [email protected]. In addition, users can review their current analytics, advertising, marketing exclusion and profile certification choice in the app at Settings > My Data > Manage my Choices.

Qual é o histórico conhecido da empresa na proteção de dados dos usuários?


No known incidents in the last two years

Este produto pode ser usado offline?


Informações de privacidade fáceis de entender?


Happn has a user-friendly privacy basics page.

Links para informações de privacidade

Este produto atende aos nossos padrões mínimos de segurança? informações




Happn ensures that user data is encrypted at rest and in transit

Senha forte

Não aplicável

Password wasn't requires as login happens either via phone or third-party.

Atualizações de segurança


Gerencia vulnerabilidades


Happn runs security audits, led by independent and certified organizations.

Política de privacidade


O produto usa inteligência artificial? informações


Happn uses AI for recommendations. From Real Business: "Happn primarily relies on people crossing paths, hence, their location, rather than an algorithm suggesting people. However, Happn has indicated that AI is becoming increasingly important but that the company wants to use it in different ways to some of the other popular dating apps. Happn intends to maintain some randomness to its AI, so that it doesn't take the 'magic' out of the equation but still uses AI to 'rank' profiles according to what it assumes a user will like."

Esta inteligência artificial não é confiável?

Não foi possível determinar

Que tipo de decisões a inteligência artificial faz sobre você ou por você?

A empresa é transparente sobre como funciona a inteligência artificial?


O usuário tem controle sobre os recursos da inteligência artificial?

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