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Hell yeah! This is what we're talking about! A sexual and reproductive health app designed with privacy in mind. Euki, created by Women Help Women, an international non-profit organization dedicated to reproductive freedom and justice and access to safe abortion. This app doesn't collect ANY personal information about users. None, zip, zilch, nada. Everything a user enters into the app about their sexual or reproductive health and history is stored locally on the user's device. You are in complete control of your data at all times. The app is free, available in English and Spanish, and available on both Android and iOS. Euki even comes with some extra cool privacy features. According to their site, if someone you don't want to access your reproductive health information asks you to open Euki and you don't want them to see your data, you can enter "0000" when you open the app and it will show a false screen. You can also customize your user dashboard to decide what content shows up and what is hidden. So cool! Good work Euki!

O que pode acontecer se algo der errado?

We love Euki for offering a truly private reproductive health app free of charge. This app earns our Best Of designation for not collecting any personal information at all. So no worries about your data being shared with third parties, sold, leaked, hacked, or shared with law enforcement. That is, unless you don't protect your phone. You're in control of you data, so please remember to set up the passcode to protect the app, password protect your phone, and educate yourself about the extra privacy features Euki offers. And we're not alone in recommending this app. Consumer Reports, women's health privacy researchers, and more also recommend Euki as a great privacy-centered option for reproductive health tracking.

One small point to mention. While Euki does a great job of keeping your private information private, they do link to external resources and services from the app. These third parties will have their own privacy and data collection policies. It is important that you do not assume that these third parties will be as discreet with your personal information as Euki is.

So, what's the worst that could happen with Euki? If you set up all the privacy protections on your device like password protect your phone and passcode protect the app and hide any super sensitive data on the dashboard and remember the "0000" trick, you should hopefully be able to keep your reproductive health data private and safe. But, a warning, nothing is 100% safe and secure. All in all though, Euki is about as good as it gets. Hopefully nothing will ever go wrong if you use this app.

Dicas para se proteger

  • If someone asks you to open Euki and you don't want them to see your data, enter "0000" when you open the app and the app will display a false screen.
  • You can customize what content areas are viewable on your dashboard to hide some and make others easily available.
  • You can set up a PIN code. Because Euki is not associated with your email address, there won't be a way to recover your PIN code, so make sure it's one you remember!
  • You can set a frequent data deletion for additional privacy, selecting how often you want your data be deleted
  • Keep your app regularly updated
  • Follow EFF's security and privacy tips for these apps
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Pode me bisbilhotar? informações


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Rastreia localização

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O que pode ser usado para se inscrever?

You do not have to sign up to use the app. You can set up PIN instead

Que dados a empresa coleta?

Como a empresa usa esses dados?

Euki does not sell data as they do not collect any information from users.

In the privacy statement Euki specifies that “we may share such information as required by law, such as to comply with a subpoena, or similar legal process; or when we believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, protect your safety or the safety of others, investigate fraud, or respond to a government request”. This would only apply to instances in which a user had contacted them and voluntarily shared information.

Como você pode controlar seus dados?

Users can delete data stored on their device from the app on any schedule they chose.

If Euki receives voluntary information from a user, they may retain aggregated, anonymous data perpetually and may store it in aggregate. They may also retain certain information in backup for a limited period of time or as required by law.

Qual é o histórico conhecido da empresa na proteção de dados dos usuários?


No known privacy or security incidents discovered in the last 3 years.

Este produto pode ser usado offline?


The app can be used offline to track and log information in the calendar. Initiating links to resources listed in app require internet or cell service.

Informações de privacidade fáceis de entender?


Privacy FAQ is available in simple language.

Links para informações de privacidade

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Users can protect this app with a passcode

Atualizações de segurança


Gerencia vulnerabilidades


Política de privacidade


O produto usa inteligência artificial? informações



Period Tracking, Abortions, and Privacy
Twitter has been ablaze with recommendations to delete period tracking apps over concerns about how data is shared/not shared, and confusion over how concerned we should be in how period trackers could be used to criminalize individuals for abortions or birth control, or if we should be concerned at all about our period trackers. As a person who has a period, is data aware, and privacy focused, who doesn’t want children now but wants control over their own body (I mean, who doesn’t?), I thought I’d write a piece unpacking this– how concerned should we be about our period trackers being weaponized against us?
Security and Privacy Tips for People Seeking An Abortion
Electronic Frontier Foundation
We are not yet sure how companies may respond to law enforcement requests for any abortion related data, and you may not have much control over their choices. But you can do a lot to control who you are giving your information to, what kind of data they get, and how it might be connected to the rest of your digital life.
With Roe overturned, period-tracking apps raise new worries
The Washington Post
With 13 states poised to ban abortion after a Friday Supreme Court decision overturning the right to get one, many worry that data from period apps could become evidence of a crime. Some people are deleting the apps; others are sending data deletion requests to the companies that run them. And, while actual reproductive health data isn’t the only way law enforcement or other prying eyes could infer someone had an abortion, cutting down on personal data-sharing could become habit for women in post-Roe v. Wade America absent action from tech companies or the government to protect them.
Researchers and activists release comprehensive, inclusive, secure app for sexual and reproductive health
Ibis Reproductive Health
A recently released smartphone app offers a new model of health information and tracking technology. Euki, built using research from Ibis Reproductive Health and released by Women Help Women, provides comprehensive sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information and tracking all in one place, without stigmatizing users or sharing their data. Its production was spurred by formative research which showed that currently available apps do not meet the complete needs of their users.
FemTech: My Body, My Data, Their Rules
Eticas Foundation
Menstruation, despite having existed since the dawn of humanity and affecting half of the world’s population, remains largely unknown in many aspects. Paradoxically, however, for years, control over the menstrual cycle has been a lucrative source of income in different sectors. This has recently been extended to the digital sector, where menstruation has become an area for the development of business models based on data about menstrual cycles and the fertility of menstruating women and menstruating individuals.
Fertility and Period Apps Can Be Weaponized in a Post-Roe World
Experts that spoke to WIRED say that fertility and period-tracking apps—along with the myriad other data trails that users leave behind—could be a rich source of data for law enforcement looking to punish women if abortion is outlawed or criminalized.
I Used Euki for Two Weeks and I Have Thoughts
Feminist Campus
As an app for tracking sexual and menstrual health, Euki works like many other apps with similar designs. The user can track their period, detailing everything from how heavy their flow is to what menstrual products they used. The user can also track indicators of their sexual health, like what contraceptive(s) they used in their last sexual experience. Euki also tracks various side effects of menstrual cycles, including acne, cravings, nausea, tender breasts, and fluctuations in emotions, as well as pregnancy and STI test results.
Fertility and Period Apps Can Be Weaponized in a Post-Roe World
Experts that spoke to WIRED say that fertility and period-tracking apps—along with the myriad other data trails that users leave behind—could be a rich source of data for law enforcement looking to punish women if abortion is outlawed or criminalized.


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