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Amazon Echo Glow


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Amazon's Echo Glow is a little round smart lamp designed to be paired up with Alexa devices like the Echo Dot or Echo Show. It can change color, ask Alexa to set to music for a dance party with a light show. There's something called a Rainbow Time that can give visual reminders as the colors change to help them stay on track in the morning or before bedtime. And apparently, it's even "Certified for Human". What does that mean? No idea, but Amazon says it requires no patience. Uhm, ok.

O que pode acontecer se algo der errado?

Amazon proudly states they are not in the business of selling your personal information to others, which is good. However, a good question to ask is, why would Amazon need to sell your data when they have their own advertising and retail juggernaut to use your data to sell you and your child more stuff? Because Amazon is in the business of selling you and your child more stuff. They do say they won’t serve third-party interest-based ads to your child under the age of 13 when they are using an Amazon child profile. So that’s something.

Amazon hopes to collect data on your child with your parental consent. They say they can collect things like name, birthdate, contact information (including phone numbers and e-mail addresses), voice, photos, videos, location, and certain activity and device information and identifier of your child when they use this device. They use this information on your child to, among other things, provide personalizing offerings and recommendations. Yes, they’re learning about your child to target your child with more stuff they’ll want you to buy.

And Amazon's Echo Glow doesn't come with a microphone or speakers. By itself, it's really just a pretty light. But it is designed to be paried up with an Alexa-enabled device to control all its features. So, what's good with Alexa? Well, they do make it possible to automatically delete voice recordings immediately after they are processed. So it’s good to teach your kid to say, “Hey Alexa, delete everything I said today” after they’ve played with Alexa. That's a nice feature after the controversy around human reviewers listening in to Alexa voice recordings. However, Amazon says when you delete your voice recordings, they still can keep data of the interactions those recordings triggered. And transcripts of recordings, as well as records of actions Alexa took in response to your child’s request may still be stored by Alexa services (like Alexa Skills), even if you have not given permission to collect your child’s personal information.

And then there are those Alexa Skills, those little apps you use to interact with Alexa. These Skills can be developed by just about anyone with the, uhm, skill. And with too many of the Skills, there is no privacy policy available. When your data is processed by an Alexa Skill, deleting your voice recordings doesn’t delete the data the developer of that Skill collects on you. With over 100,000 Alexa Skills out there, many of them developed by third parties, now your data is floating around in places you might never have imagined.

What’s the worst that could happen? Well, Amazon could get to know your kid's personal information pretty well and try to sell them stuff starting at a young age. Amazon will track your kid's habits unless you opt out--and if you opt out, that means you'll likely lose services and features you probably don't want to lose. You can request Amazon delete your child's data, which is nice. The only way to be absolutely sure all this data is deleted--both your childs and your own--is to delete your Amazon account completely. All in all, a product that can potentially collect this much data on young child when paired with an Alexa-enabled device, even with the protections Amazon puts in place, still worries us enough to say this device could come with *Privacy Not Included.

Dicas para se proteger

  • Set Alexa parental controls
  • Opt your child out of as much personal data collection as possible
  • Teach your child how to say, “Hey Alexa, delete everything I said today” after they're done playing with Alexa.
  • mobile

Pode me bisbilhotar? informações


Dispositivo: Não

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Dispositivo: Não

Aplicativo: Sim

Rastreia localização

Dispositivo: Sim

Aplicativo: Sim

O que pode ser usado para se inscrever?

You can pair it with any compatible Alexa device to control color and brightness with your voice.

Que dados a empresa coleta?

Como a empresa usa esses dados?

Amazon says they do not sell your personal information. They combine your voice data with third-party data to answer your requests as well as to train Alexa's speech recognition. You can choose to not save any voice recordings, but it will cost you some features.

While voice recordings won't be used for ad personalization, the transcripts of recordings, and the list of actions that Alexa did in response to your voice commands, may be.

Amazon uses personal information for purposes such as advertisement, recommendation and personalization. Some personal data may be shared with the third parties. Amazon provides third-party advertisers with information that allows them to serve you more targeted ads, though it claims to not use information that personally identifies you. Instead, Amazon uses an advertising identifier like a cookie or other device identifier. The company also promises it does not "knowingly collect personal information from children" under 13 without parental consent.

Como você pode controlar seus dados?

Amazon make available controls so that you can remain involved in your child's use of Amazon services. You can review or delete Child Personal Information. Please note that if you withdraw the permission you have provided for your child or request deletion of Child Personal Information, certain services and features may no longer be available.

Qual é o histórico conhecido da empresa na proteção de dados dos usuários?

Precisa de melhorias

In August 2020, security researchers from Check Point pointed out a flaw in Amazon's Alexa smart home devices that could have allowed hackers access to personal information and conversation history. Amazon promptly fixed the bug.

In October 2020, Amazon fired an employee for leaking customer email addresses to an unnamed third party.

In October 2019, Forbes reported that Amazon employees were listening to Amazon Cloud Cam recording, to train its AI algorithm.

In April 2019, it was revealed that thousands of employees, many of whom are contract workers and some not even directly employed by Amazon, had access to both voice and text transcripts of Alexa interactions.

In 2018, Amazon's Echo Dot device recorded private conversation and sent it to random contact. The recording consisted of 1,700 audio files.

Este produto pode ser usado offline?


Informações de privacidade fáceis de entender?


There is a children's privacy disclosure

Links para informações de privacidade

Este produto atende aos nossos padrões mínimos de segurança? informações




Encryption in transit and at rest.

Senha forte


Password-protected Amazon account is needed to set up Alexa.

Atualizações de segurança


Gerencia vulnerabilidades


Política de privacidade


O produto usa inteligência artificial? informações


Alexa provides some information about its AI at the Alexa FAQ and the Amazon Science webpages.:

Esta inteligência artificial não é confiável?

Não foi possível determinar

Que tipo de decisões a inteligência artificial faz sobre você ou por você?

Amazon Alexa uses natural language processing to understand you and to generate answers to your requests.

A empresa é transparente sobre como funciona a inteligência artificial?


O usuário tem controle sobre os recursos da inteligência artificial?


*privacidade não incluída

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