Network Projects

Open-source apps. Web literacy curriculum. Guides for fostering gender equality. These are the projects by and for our network.

Open Innovation

Code and ideas for a more innovative web. All open source.

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By Roberto Toro, Katja Heuer

Added Oct 27, 2017


By Danielle Robinson, Max Ogden

Added Oct 19, 2017

Digital Inclusion

Projects, articles and tools that promote an open and inclusive internet.

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Wikimedia Resource Center: Connect

By Jaime Anstee, James Hare, Maria Cruz

Added Oct 25, 2017

Creating a Web Literacy Peer Network at Multnomah County Library

By Joanna Milner and Liza Dyer

Added Oct 10, 2017


Projects that help ensure that the internet is controlled by many, rather than just a handful of global technology giants.

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Essay: The future of the Internet of Things depends on this

By Mark Surman, Michelle Thorne

Added Oct 16, 2017

Adding More Policy Firepower to the Mozilla Network

By Mozilla Tech Policy Fellows

Added Sep 29, 2017

Privacy & Security

Tools, tips, apps and more for staying safe online.

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Privacy in The Era of Big Data

By Linet Kwamboka

Added Oct 09, 2017

Our Friends Electric | A Short Film by Superflux and Mozilla

By Superflux, Mozilla's Open IoT Studio

Added Sep 27, 2017

Web Literacy

Projects that empower people to shape their own internet experience.

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DING: A magazine about the internet and things. #1 AUTUMN 2017

By Open IoT Studio, Justin Marshall, Quicksand, Andrew Prescott, Jayne Wallace, Gillian Crampton Smith, ThingsCon, John Thackara, Pete Thomas, Jon Rogers, Michelle Thorne, Solana Larsen, Vladan Joler

Added Sep 18, 2017

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