Picture of Mark Surman

Mark Surman, President

Picture of Angela Plohman

Angela Plohman, Chief Operating Officer

Picture of Ashley Boyd

Ashley Boyd, Senior Vice President, Global Advocacy

Picture of J. Bob Alotta

J. Bob Alotta, Senior Vice President, Global Programs

Picture of Candice Martin

Candice Martin, Director, People & Culture

Picture of Carys Afoko

Carys Afoko, Senior Director, Communications and External Affairs

Picture of D'Andre Walker

D'Andre Walker, Senior Counsel

Picture of Hanan Elmasu

Hanan Elmasu, Director, Fellowships & Awards

Picture of Juan Barani

Juan Barani, Senior Director, Gift Planning

Photo of Kara Niles

Kara Niles, Director, Institutional Partnerships

Picture of Kasia Odrozek

Kasia Odrozek, Director, Insights

Picture of Lainie DeCoursy

Lainie DeCoursy, Director, Organizational Effectiveness

Photo of Michael Whitney

Michael Whitney, Director, Digital Engagement

Photo of Nicholas Piachaud

Nicholas Piachaud, Director, Campaigns

Picture of Sarah Allen

Sarah Allen, Senior Director, MozFest

Picture of Shing Suiter

Shing Suiter, Senior Director, Technology Platforms

Picture of Zhilun Pang

Zhilun Pang, Director, Finance & Administration

Board of Directors

Mitchell Baker

Mitchell Baker, Chair

Brian Behlendorf

Brian Behlendorf

Helen Turvey

Helen Turvey

Nicole Wong

Nicole Wong

Screen Shot 2023-07-05 at 12.17.29 PM

Amy Keating


Mark Surman

Former Board Members

Wambui Kinya

Wambui Kinya

Navrina Singh

Navrina Singh

Cathy Davidson

Cathy Davidson

Joi Ito

Joi Ito

Mitch Kapor

Mitch Kapor

Ronaldo Lemos

Ronaldo Lemos

Bob Lisbonne.jpg

Bob Lisbonne

Mohamed Nanabhay

Mohamed Nanabhay

Mozilla's Board of Directors also serve on committees or work with senior staff on special projects. Committees exist for:

More information about the Mozilla Foundation's team, plans and activities is available on the public community wiki.

The Mozilla Foundation is a California non-profit corporation exempt from Federal income taxation under IRC 501(c)(3). It is governed by its Board of Directors and guided by the principles of the Mozilla Manifesto.