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You're feeling off, you're not sure why. It happens to all of us. Sometimes we can step back and put two-and-two together to figure out what's going on. Sometimes we can't. Mood and symptom trackers can help. Bearable is a popular and recommended mood/symptom tracker that lets users "track anything and discover how it affects your health." Track your mood, sleep, exercise, medication, stress, food, bowel movements, or even customize it to track things you didn't even know you could like how often you sneeze everyday. Track it all, then look at charts and graphs to see how all those things affect your over time. Or share that data with your mental health professional to sort through what is going on in your life. Bearable is free to download and costs around $28 for a yearly subscription.

How does Bearable handle all that private, personal information you share? Well, they seem to do a decent job at protecting the privacy of the personal information they collect, which is good. Unfortunately, we have some questions about their security practices, which isn't so good. So, here's hoping you can gain good insights about yourself without the rest of the world learning them too.

Co się może stać, jeśli coś pójdzie nie tak?

Bearable seems to do a pretty good job taking their users' privacy seriously. This mood and symptom tracking app can collect a lot of personal information if you chose to share it. Things like your email, mood, energy levels and individual symptoms, your medication and supplements, sleep quality, exercise, diet, and daily activities such as work and grocery shopping. That's a lot of personal information. Here's what we like about how Bearable handles all of that data of yours.

First, Bearable says they don't and will never sell your data. Yay! They also say they track as little personally identifiable data as possible to protect users. They purposefully do not ask for information like name, age, and gender. Again, yay! They go on to say they don't process personal data that directly identifies you as a person (such as your first name, surname, email). Good work Bearable, so far so good. Bearable doesn't seem to share personal information with third parties for targeted advertising. Again, good. They do say your health data is encrypted safely and the only personal data attached to it is your email address. And then they say, "your personal profile data (email address) is stored separately from your health (mood, symptoms, medication, your customised health factors) data and your service settings. This allows us to ensure the highest possible level of privacy for your health data. Your password is stored using one-way encryption." Which is a little confusing, because it sounds like your email address is attached to your health data, yet stored separately. Not exactly sure how that works, but it seems OK, we hope.

Unfortunately we couldn't tell if Bearable meets our Minimum Security Standards. We emailed James, the privacy contact listed in Bearable's privacy policy for privacy related questions. Unfortunately, we didn't hear back from James. (Give us a shout James! We'd love to hear from you.) What could happen if something goes wrong? Hopefully not too much. Just make sure to set up a strong password so no one can get into your app and see that you track stuff like how often you fart. That could get embarrassing.

Wskazówki, jak się chronić

  • Read Bearable’s recommendations for protecting your personal data under the section 'Data security' here.
  • Do not sign up to the app with Facebook
  • Refrain from sharing or exporting data unless you are certain that the receiving email address is authorised, credible, and secure.
  • For enhanced security, you do not have to create an account and/or to give consent for storage of your health-related data.
  • For enhanced security, you do not have connect to third-party services, such as Apple HealthKit and Google Fit. It will give the app access to your health & activities data.
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Facebook, Google, Apple sign-ups are available

Jakie dane zbiera ta firma?

Jak ta firma wykorzystuje te dane?

Bearable does not and will never sell any data. Bearable does not engage in any automated decision-making or profiling activities.

Bearable does not process personal data that directly identifies you as a person (such as your first name, surname, email). They may collect your IP address, event and usage data, device data. If you give consent, they will store health data, such as your mood, energy levels and individual symptom levels, your medication and supplements and other health factors you track in the app.

Bearable will share some of your personal data with third parties outside Bearable only where it is strictly necessary to provide services to you, where required by law or where they have another legitimate interest to do so.

Jak możesz kontrolować swoje dane?

You may withdraw your consent to this use of your data at any time by deleting your Bearable account. This can be requested by emailing [email protected] You can also delete your data from the settings page within the Bearable App.

You can also exercise your privacy rights, such as the rights to access, correct, erase personal information.

Bearable does not retain your personal data in an identifiable format for longer than necessary to deliver our services.

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No known privacy or security incidents discovered in the last 3 years.

Informacje o prywatności dziecka

Bearable does not knowingly collect or use personal data from children under the age of 16.

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