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Zoom’s popularity went from 0 to 60 at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Its daily meeting participants grew from 10 million to over 300 million in just a few months. With so many more people working, schooling, and socializing from home, Zoom became a favorite video call app for many because of its high video quality, call recording, and ease of use. With Zoom’s rapid growth came a number of growing pains. Like the phenomena known as Zoombombing, when strangers, often with bad intent, invade video calls and cause problems. Full disclosure, here at Mozilla we use Zoom and have worked closely with the company to get its privacy and security features right for us.

Wat kan er gebeuren als er iets misgaat?

Zoom’s privacy and security problems since 2020 are well documented -- not being completely honest about it being fully end-to-end encrypted, security flaws the company failed to disclose, zoomboomings that included abuse and hate speech, over 500,000 users accounts up for sale on the dark web, a lawsuit filed because Facebook was allegedly allowed to "eavesdrop" on Zoom users' personal data. The list of failures and vulnerabilities is long. So, have they gotten better? Zoom has acknowledged their mistakes and appears to be invested in fixing them, for the most part. As of July 2021, end-to-end encryption is in technical preview. Because it disables several features. Zoom recommends using end-to-end encryption only for meetings where additional protection is needed. And Zoom says it does not sell personal information. Zoom does share personal information with third-parties for advertising and other purposes. This sharing of data is fairly common with many similar video call apps we reviewed like Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex doing the same thing. All in all, Zoom is an OK video call app for most purposes. Still, given Zoom’s many very public missteps over the past couple of years, we really hope they keep working to get better at both privacy and security.

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Hoe gebruikt het bedrijf deze gegevens?

Zoom claims that it does not sell any personal information. Zoom provides personal data to third parties, including third-party marketing and advertising (subject to prior consent where required under applicable law). These third-party partners may receive information about your activities on Zoom’s website through third-party cookies placed on Zoom’s website. Zoom may also share personal data with actual or prospective acquirers, their representatives and other relevant participants during any negotiation of sales, merger, or similar. Therefore, the data collected now could potentially be transferred to the other entity with different practices, without prior consent. Zoom collects user consent for tracking cookies on its web page and app.

Hoe kunt u uw gegevens beheren?

The company mentions clear criteria to define retention periods, promises to not store data for longer than needed to offer services or as required by law. Hosts of Zoom calls can password-protect saved calls, password-protect meetings, lock a meeting to prevent new participants, turn on/off enter and exit chimes, mute participants on the call and even remove participants from the call. All Zoom participants have the ability to annotate the video of a call, but only hosts can clear all annotations and disable annotation for everyone. In the paid version, Zoom hosts are able to record meetings, with the option of saving the recording locally to their hard drive or remotely to Zoom's cloud.

Hoe staat het bedrijf bekend als het gaat om het beschermen van gebruikersgegevens?

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In April 2020, over 500,000 Zoom accounts' details were discovered on the dark web. In July 2021, Zoom agreed to settle a class-action US privacy lawsuit for $US85 million. The lawsuit claimed Zoom breached the privacy of millions of users by sharing personal data with Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. Zoom denied any wrongdoing but did agree to improve its security practices.

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After June 2021, Zoom updated its privacy policy, to make its language and navigation simpler. Now the privacy policy is formulated in a way of Question + Answer with links to the key points, like data retention rights, processing data of underage users, contact information, regional regulations, etc.

Koppelingen naar privacy-informatie

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As of July 2021, end-to-end encryption is in technical preview and disables several other features. Zoom recommends using end-to-end encryption only for meetings where additional protection is needed.

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Zoom requires a strong password to sign in. For an extra layer of security, Zoom meetings can also be password protected.



Updates and bug fixes are released multiple times a month.

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Zoom has a program in place to handle security vulnerabilities.



Easily accessible privacy policy, formulated in a way of Question + Answer

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Zoom uses AI to auto-generate transcripts.

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