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EDIT: MozFest House: Amsterdam regretfully won't be taking place in person this year. Please view the MozFest 2022 Schedule and filter the session 'Type' to 'MozFest House' to view the sessions that will now be taking place virtually.

We’re excited to announce we’re tentatively planning for MozFest House: Amsterdam! A series of experimental in-person live sessions that will be hosted by Dutch Friends and Allies, and programmed locally across easily accessible venues in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With full acknowledgement we're making plans during a time of uncertainty, we hope to be confirming the launch of MozFest House: Amsterdam later in January, 2022 - We plan with caution and optimism!

How does MozFest Differ from MozFest House: Amsterdam?

As many of you will already know, MozFest 2022 is going to be an entirely virtual event from March 7 - 10. Where MozFest typically speaks to our global community of tech and internet health enthusiasts, MozFest House: Amsterdam aims to celebrate the work of local communities in and around Amsterdam.

In keeping with the traditions of former MozFest House editions in London, MozFest House: Amsterdam is truly an event for everyone in the local community, and attendance is welcomed from those who will be local to Amsterdam at the time of the festival from March 25 - 27 2022. We are also using this moment as an experiment of whether expanding House as a nodal event model that can grow across the globe and community in coming years is viable.

MozFest House Sessions

With participation at the fore, each session will host 30 people - there are 40+ deep dive sessions planned, from Trustworthy AI and surveillance tech, to smart city tech, a host of activities in the Youth Zone and everything in between. The intention of these smaller sessions, as with MozFest virtual, is to facilitate exchange of ideas, knowledge and to increase opportunity for partners to create their own workshops, in a decentralised way.

With view to hosting sessions across several different venues, including the Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam - OBA (the largest library in the Netherlands), The Navy Yard (which up until 2015 was sealed off from the rest of the city for 350 years and is now the city’s open access testing ground for technology in public space) and several other fully accessible locations, all venues will be staffed with a production team to ensure local health guidelines are strictly adhered to.

You can see the list of emerging MozFest House:Amsterdam sessions on our plaza, which gets updated daily.

Ethical Dilemma Cafe

We’re excited about one MozFest House: Amsterdam installment, in particular – Ethical Dilemma Cafe. Since its inception in 2014, the Ethical Dilemma Cafe has inspired thought-provoking data dilemmas explored through a series of installations (one of which was included in the London Design Museum’s “Designs of the Year” in 2015) that highlight the invasive reality of internet surveillance in a tangible way.

MozFest House Coffee Cup

Working closely again with the BBC, the purpose of the Ethical Dilemma Cafe way back when is still applicable now, and we’re bringing the concept to Amsterdam and Manchester, with research and inspiration from The Mundane by Lancaster University and Doors of Perception in AMS.

With the BBC focused on data ethics + data sovereignty (HDI), alternative business metrics (human values), new protocols & advanced networks (Publicservice internet) and Mozilla focusing on Trustworthy AI, AI that is designed with personal agency in mind, emphasising privacy, transparency, and human well being, we look forward to sharing more details soon.

Allies and Partners

We’re really fortunate that many local allies and partners will be facilitating sessions and hosting MozFest House: Amsterdam participants in their venues. We will also have our Sponsors in attendance, Coil and The Interledger Foundation.

We’re really fortunate that many new local allies and partners will be facilitating sessions and hosting MozFest House:Amsterdam participants in their venues, as well as sharing spaces with our continued Sponsors partners: Coil and The Interledger Foundation.

Stay Tuned!

If you’re interested in participating or attending MozFest House: Amsterdam and are within an easily commutable reach, we’d love to hear from you at [email protected]. We hope to be in a position to confirm the event in January, 2022, in the meantime, please see the list of confirmed sessions on the MozFest Plaza!

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