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Voice calls, video calls, group chats, stickers, social channels, self-destructing chats, end-to-end encryption, lots of spam, and targeted ads. Viber provides all the greatest hits of the messaging app world. It’s like a mix of WhatsApp and Telegram with a dash of Snapchat thrown in for good measure. And it’s huge - with over a billion users around the world. During the pandemic, Viber expanded it’s group video chat features to allow for more users, which resulted in cool things like teachers in Hungary using it to help stay in touch with their students. Good vibes indeed.

Que pourrait-il se passer en cas de problème ?

Viber seems to do a fairly good job at protecting their users' privacy and security. Especially when compared to other similar messaging apps like Telegram and Whatsapp. It's not perfect, but we do like they've been using end-to-end encryption by default since 2016 (except for group calls, those are only encrypted in transit). Some other good thing they do: Once a message is delivered, it is deleted from their servers so your messages aren’t sitting around where others could potentially access them and you can choose to hide yourself from any of the contacts in your contact list (handy when it comes to that ex of yours!). Some things they do we don’t love: When you join a group, your phone number will be visible to all group members, which could be a lot of people, so be careful. Also, Viber has had problems with bad people sending lots of spam and viruses. As always, it’s good to be careful reading or downloading things from people you don’t know. And it's been reported about 20% of Viber’s revenue comes from ads. They collect users’ IP-address location, gender, and age to target these ads, although users can opt out of gender and age targeting if they take the time to change their settings. Their ad partners may also combine the data collected about you when using Viber with their outside records to do even more targeting. So lock those settings down as much as you can! One thing we really loved about Viber is in 2020 they joined the #StopHateForProfit campaign (Mozilla did too!) and cut all business ties with Facebook. Gotta love a company that takes a stand against hate, misinformation, and unethical privacy practices!

mobile Confidentialité Sécurité IA

Ce produit peut-il m’espionner ? informations


Appareil : Ne s’applique pas

Application : Oui


Appareil : Ne s’applique pas

Application : Oui

Piste la géolocalisation

Appareil : Ne s’applique pas

Application : Oui

Que peut-on utiliser pour s’inscrire ?

A third party can be used to sign up

Quelles données l’entreprise collecte-t-elle ?

Comment l’entreprise utilise-t-elle les données ?

Viber uses Cookies & Tracking Technologies by advertisers (including Google, Twitter, Adjust, Russian Yandex and VK, etc.). As such, they enable targeted ads on its own Viber app, but also allow numerous third parties combine information they collect from Viber with other information they have independently collected relating to your web browser’s activities across their network of websites. The information Viber collects may be combined with information from outside records (e.g. demographic information and additional contact information) that they "have received in accordance with the law." When you join Viber, the contacts in your address book that are already Viber members may be informed that you're now on Viber too.

Comment pouvez-vous contrôler vos données ?

Until the account is deactivated, all associated data may be retained for an undefined time. Upon deactivation of your account, Viber promises it will minimize the personal data they keep about you only to that data which they are required to keep to comply with laws, or other legal reasons. They may keep activity data on a non-identifiable basis to improve their services (no ways of de-identifying are provided). Your posts on public accounts and communities and Channels may remain available if you do not delete them.

Quel est l’historique de l’entreprise en matière de protection des données des utilisateurs et utilisatrices ?


No known record of date breaches or leaks

Ce produit peut-il être utilisé hors connexion ?

Ne s’applique pas

Informations relatives à la vie privée accessibles et compréhensibles ?


Viber's privacy policy is rather complicated and overwhelmingly long. Some Q&A would make it simpler to comprehend.

Liens vers les informations concernant la vie privée

Ce produit respecte-t-il nos critères élémentaires de sécurité ? informations




Viber delivers end-to-end encryption by default for 1-to-1, group chats, and 1-to-1 calls. Group calls are only encrypted in transit.

Mot de passe robuste

Ne s’applique pas

Viber does not require a password to log in, users are required upon registration to authenticate their phone number. Users have the possibility to add a security code to their desktop app. Users can also enable password-protected secret chats in Viber, with a self-destruction timer.

Mises à jour de sécurité


In case of any security vulnerabilities an update to the Viber app will be made promptly and pushed as part of the regular application upgrade process.

Gestion des vulnérabilités


Viber does manage security vulnerabilities. They also have cooperations with external parties that help find such vulnerabilities and verify that our patches fix the issues.

Politique de confidentialité


Le produit utilise-t-il une IA ? informations


Viber uses several AI and machine learning systems in their backend systems for things like spam detection, community moderation, language translation and others. Viber claims that sharing the algorithm for spam detection, community moderation, language translation etc. publicly will actually defeat their purpose (for example spammers will know how to bypass their systems and attack users).

Cette IA est-elle non digne de confiance ?

Impossible à déterminer

Quel genre de décisions l’IA prend-elle à votre sujet ou pour vous ?

L’entreprise est-elle transparente sur le fonctionnement de l’IA ?


Les fonctionnalités de l’IA peuvent-elles être contrôlées par l’utilisateur ou l’utilisatrice ?

Impossible à déterminer

*confidentialité non incluse

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