Snap Spectacles 4.0

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Snap Spectacles 4.0

Snap, Inc

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Someday smart glass might become a thing. Today doesn't quite feel like that day. These augmented reality Spectacles from Snap, you know, the company that makes Snapchat, say they will help you "create the world you want to see." We think that means they are chock-full of things like dual 3D waveguide displays that provide up to 2000 Nits of brightness. (What is a nit of brightness you ask? We did too. Apparently it's how display manufacturers measure how much brightness is emitted from a display. Good to know.) These specs also come with a touchpad, two cameras, and four microphones. All that to bring Snap's world of augmented reality to life. We don't know about all that, but hey, who doesn't want to create the world you want to see? I want to see a world with more chocolate.

Que pourrait-il se passer en cas de problème ?

Snap, the company behind Snapchat and these weird spectacles, doesn’t have a great track record of respecting their user’s privacy. In 2019, Motherboard reported that Snap had an internal tool that allowed employees to access users’ personal information, including phone number, email, and location. The report claimed the tool, called SnapLion, was abused for “illegitimate reasons to spy on users.” That’s strike one.

We also found when we tried to contact Snap through the contact link provided in their privacy policy it was nearly impossible to do so. That’s strike two.

Finally, it seems Snap does collect and share a fair amount of users’ information for advertising and targeting purposes. That’s strike three.

What’s the worst that could happen with these AR camera- and microphone-laden spectacles? Well, we suppose you could unknowingly record video of the crowd you’re dancing with at that private party you scored an invite to. You upload that video to the internet, in that crowd is someone in witness protection, they are identifiable in the video and the bad guys who they were hiding from find them and kill them. OK, maybe we’ve watched too many crime dramas. But hey, it could happen, because it’s hard to tell when you’re being recorded by someone wearing smart glasses with a built-in camera.

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Advertisers, app developers, publishers, and other third parties may share information with Snap. They may use this information, among other ways, to help target or measure the performance of ads.

Snap uses data, among other purposes, to provide and improve their advertising services, ad targeting, and ad measurement, including through the use of your precise location information (if allowed by you), both on and off Snap's services.

Snap may share information about you with service providers who perform services on their behalf, including to optimize the performance of ads and deliver more relevant ads, including on third-party websites and apps.

Advertisers, app developers, publishers, and other third parties may share information with Snap as well. Snap may use this information, among other ways, to help target or measure the performance of ads. You can learn more about our use of this kind of third-party data in our Support Center.

Comment pouvez-vous contrôler vos données ?

You can delete your account. Snap says, "We may retain some personal data for certain legal, security, and business needs. For example, we’ll retain information about any purchases you may have made through Snapchat, and when you accepted our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Due to the inclusion of the term "business needs" which is not defined, it is unclear what happens to all data collected after an account is deleted.

Quel est l’historique de l’entreprise en matière de protection des données des utilisateurs et utilisatrices ?

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In May 2019, it was reported that Snap's employees have a special tool called SnapLion that can give them access to your location, phone numbers, email addresses, even your saved Snaps — and that some employees have actually abused it to spy on users.

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Snapchat uses some encryption. They reportedly only encrypt Snaps. It's not clear if they fully encrypt text messages or group chats.

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Snap runs a bug bounty program.

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Snapchat Employees Abused Data Access to Spy on Users
Multiple sources and emails also describe SnapLion, an internal tool used by various departments to access Snapchat user data.
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Snap Inc. released a new and improved version of the Spectacles smart glasses for Snapchat, with sophisticated augmented reality tools and voice controls.
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