Mozilla Fellowships cover a range of topics and disciplines within the broader mission of Internet Health, upholding the internet as a force for good.

Be a Fellow

Mozilla Fellowships provide resources, tools, community and amplification to those building a more ​humane​ ​digital​ ​world. During their tenure, Fellows use their skill sets — in technology, in activism, in science, in policy — to design products, run campaigns, influence policy and ultimately lay the groundwork for a more open and inclusive internet.


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Fellows put individuals in control of their personal data

Mozilla Fellow Hang Do Thi Duc created Data Selfie, a browser extension that provides an intimate window into data mining, predictive analytics, and Facebook consumption. Fellow Linet Kwamboka researches policies that guide data collection and dissemination across East Africa. And Fellow Rebecca Ricks works with Human Rights Watch to explore how people use encryption online.

Fellows help connect the unconnected

Mozilla Fellow Amina Fazlullah promotes policies that support broadband connectivity in rural and vulnerable U.S. communities. Fellow Steve Song examines regulatory and policy barriers associated with bringing the next billion online. And Fellow Sarah Kiden researches last-mile connectivity in East Africa.

Fellows keep artificial intelligence accountable

Mozilla Fellow Jason Schultz analyzes the impact of machine learning on civil liberties. Fellow Terah Lyons coordinates international governance of AI. And Fellow Suchana Seth works alongside Data & Society to research biased algorithms.

Fellows make scientific research more open

Mozilla Fellow Amel Ghouila leverages open-source data and tools to bolster biomedical research across the African continent. And Fellow Chris Hartgerink explores how to make scholarly communication more collaborative, accurate, and open.

Why become a Fellow?

Mozilla Fellowships are a transformative experience for emerging leaders concerned with making the internet a safer, more accessible resource for everyone. Mozilla Fellows work on the front lines of the internet health movement, developing new thinking on how to address emerging threats and challenges facing the open internet today. As part of a multidisciplinary and global community, Mozilla Fellows have the opportunity to learn from and contribute to a variety of issues and approaches to ensure the internet remains a force for good. As a Fellow, you will:


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