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In "Sounds" you can hear more from the people and the ideas behind the Internet Health Report 2020.

Mozilla’s annual Internet Health Report features the perspectives of more than a hundred people who are making the internet healthier. Now you can also hear their voices in a new audio feature: Sounds of the Internet Health Report (and in Spanish, Sonidos del Informe de Salud de Internet).

The 2020 Internet Health Report launched in January with facts and figures about the health of the internet, spotlights on race, equity and technology, data and labor, and platform transparency, and a look back on a tumultuous year for the internet.

The report also features stories of healthy and unhealthy moments for the internet in 2020 shared by 120 people leading initiatives for a healthier internet around the world. It is the voices of a few of these contributors we now share with you in this podcast.

Sounds of the Internet Health Report compiles 12 soundbites from around the world, including from England, Uruguay, Ukraine and Nigeria.

In Egypt, Mohamed ElGohary speaks of open knowledge and the importance of pushing for more inclusion and diversity in online communities. In Colombia, María Juliana Soto highlights the importance of understanding online communication and digital security. And in Nigeria, Uffa Modey reflects on both the beauty and danger of protests online and offline in the aftermath of #EndSARS protests against police brutality.

Tying everything together is a special audio feature in which Solana Larsen, the report’s editor and I, discuss what it means for the internet to be healthy [17 min] and why it’s harder to think of the healthy moments for the internet, than the unhealthy.

Would you like to hear more sounds? Several of our contributors have recommended or been featured in other podcasts and radio programs. These are some:

The podcast “Who Belongs” from The Othering & Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley recently interviewed one of our contributors, Jacinta Gonzalez, about how Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) uses technology in the US to target immigrant communities. In Uganda, on her own podcast, our contributor Nyamishana Prudence discusses internet shutdowns with Ruth Aine. The podcast Recode Decode explores shutdowns in Kashmir; and in EngageMedia’s podcast PGP, Piyanut Kotsan, director of Amnesty International Thailand, talks about the human and digital rights abuses that took place during 2020’s youth-led protests in Thailand.

Update: In September 2021 we added audible versions of the articles from the report. The three spotlight stories are each read by human friends, Lou Huang, Zeina Abi Assy and Chad Sansing, while the Year in Review is read by an open source automated voice, developed by Coqui. We also recorded a conversation with Nyamishana Prudence, Raashi Saxena, Uffa Modey, and Mohamed ElGohary, where we shared our favorite internet health moments of the report and our glimmers of hope for 2021. You can find them all on the Sounds of the IHR2020 page here, and on Spotify, RadioPublic, Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, and Breaker.

Are there podcasts about what can be done to make the internet healthier you wish to recommend? Leave us an audio message on Anchor!

(*) Mozilla amplifies a wide range of views; the views expressed in the recommended podcast episodes are those of the individuals and not necessarily Mozilla’s.

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