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Get a jump start on MozFest by completing our festival Scavenger Hunt!

There are plenty of reasons we refer to MozFest as both an adventure and a playground, and the Scavenger Hunt is one of them! Whether you're brand new to MozFest virtual or getting returning for our second year of hosting the festival virtually, we invite you to test your MozFest skills in a fun and interactive way and unlock a special edition MozFest 2022 digital badge. All entries will also have the chance to have a 20-second spotlight on our LIVE MozFest Studio segment, as well as have the segment shared on our Twitter page.

Are you up for the challenge?

Complete the tasks and questions in the Scavenger Hunt Checklist below by browsing in and around the MozFest website, Plaza and On Demand site - and we encourage your peers to do the same. All answers are to be submitted on this form.

Ready? Let's go!

  1. What are the dates of MozFest 2022?
  2. How many MozFest Spaces are there?
  3. Name two of our Sponsors.
  4. For how many days after the event can you watch on-demand sessions and content?
  5. Is this the first MozFest virtual?
  6. Sign up for the MozFest newsletter or if you’re already a subscriber, read a blog!
  7. Tap ‘Show Filters’ on our MozFest 2022 Schedule and name 3 types of sessions.
  8. Fill in the missing word in our slogan - “Arrive with an idea, leave with a ___.”
  9. Buy a ticket & screenshot the ticket confirmation screen.
  10. Post about going to MozFest on social media using the hashtag #MozFest.

Remember, you’ll not only receive a digital badge via email shortly after successful completion of the Scavenger Hunt, you’ll be entered into the draw for a 20-second slot during our MozFest Studio broadcast which will also be shared on our Twitter page.

Submit your answers here. Good luck!

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