Fooling Neural Networks with Adversarial Attacks graphic.

As digital attacks (also known as cyber attacks) continue to increase in frequency and evolve in terms of sophistication, so too does the demand for best practices in protecting ourselves against them. Significant global shifts including the movement from a predominantly in-office workforce to a remote one in 2020 exposed more potential system vulnerabilities and less on-hand security assistance. Bearing this and other global changes in mind, it is especially important to develop an awareness of the different types of digital attacks and how best to evade them.

The sessions below speak to privacy and protection online and explore how you can start to create a more cyber secure environment for yourself. Secure your On-Demand ticket now.

  • Fooling Neural Networks with Adversarial Attacks
    Neural Networks are a great and powerful tool that have been used to solve many problems from image classification to understanding and generating text. Despite their superior performance in many tasks, the models are often unstable and quite easy to trick! In this workshop, we dive deeper into this topic, with a hands-on approach and generate adversarial examples that will fool different neural networks.

  • Understanding meta-data privacy and man-in-the-middle attacks in messaging apps
    During this workshop participants will be able to understand and experiment with different examples of various messaging networks and application designs, so that they can build an understanding of how meta-data privacy is compromised and how it can be protected.

The sessions above will be viewable until June 25th, so be sure to grab your On-Demand ticket to watch them (and all other recorded MozFest sessions) at a time that suits your schedule.

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