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Fecha de la reseña 07/02/2021

Raya has a reputation as a secret, exclusive club for members only. Basically, it wants you to think it's where all the cool kids are. To join, it seems users must get invited by someone already on the app and fill out an application that includes your Instagram account (you've got to have at least thousands of followers), your contacts, and your education level. That application is reviewed by a committee and an "evolving" algorithm to determine if you make it into the club. Launched in 2015, and rumored to be a celebrity dating app, Raya has since expanded to include a professional networking function for people in the entertainment world. Anyone can apply for membership to Raya, although according to Wikipedia, the acceptance rate is reportedly only about eight percent. Oh, and Raya can only be accessed through the app and is for iOS users only, Android users need not apply.

Qué podría pasar si algo falla

Being a super secret, "celebrity" dating app means that Raya claims to make users' privacy and confidentiality a top priority. The application process people who want to join Raya must go through sounds a bit invasive as a committee digs into your contacts, Instagram, education, and more to see if you're cool enough to join the club. Once invited to join though, does Raya do a good job of protecting their users' privacy? It's a little hard for us to tell, they are super secret after all. They don't sell any user data they collect, which is a good thing. They do share aggregated, anonymized data with third parties like investors for business purposes, which isn't too uncommon, although we do like to warn that often this data isn't too hard do de-anonymize. As we're not part of the club and they didn't respond to our emails, we couldn't tell if they require a strong password to protect the app, if they use encryptions on chats and messages within the app, or what sorts of data their "evolving algorithm" might use to evaluate applications. What could happen if something goes wrong? Hard to tell. We suppose you could get accepted into the Raya club, end up have a weird chat with Pete Davidson, and have no proof because Raya really frowns on screenshots within the app.


¿Me puede espiar?


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¿Qué se requiere para registrarse?

From what we can gather, you need all three for your application. Phone number for verification, email and Instagram account.

¿Qué datos recopila?

¿Cómo puedes controlar el uso de tus datos?

EU users can request to obtain and review their data and for it to be deleted by emailing [email protected] California residents can request a notice disclosing the categories of personal information that has been shared with third-parties for direct marketing purposes.

¿Qué historial tiene la compañía en cuanto a la protección de los datos de los usuarios?


No known incidents in the last two years.

¿Se puede usar el producto sin conexión?


¿La información de privacidad es fácil de entender?

Enlaces a información de privacidad


¿El producto cumple nuestros estándares mínimos de seguridad?



No se puede determinar

We were unable to determine if they use encryption to protect users' personal information, chats, photos, and more.

Contraseña fuerte

No se puede determinar

Actualizaciones de seguridad

Gestionar las vulnerabilidades

Política de privacidad

Inteligencia artificial

¿El producto usa la inteligencia artificial?

No se puede determinar

¿La inteligencia artificial utiliza tus datos personales para tomar decisiones relacionadas contigo?

No se puede determinar

¿La compañía explica a los usuarios cómo funciona la inteligencia artificial?

No se puede determinar

Información de contacto de la empresa

Número de teléfono


Chat en directo


Correo electrónico

[email protected]




Raya Review February 2021
Dating Scout
Can you imagine yourself being matched on a dating app with a celebrity? Well, now you can! That is, if Raya will approve your membership. Raya is a private, membership-based dating app and social network application that's been creating buzz for having celebrities for members.


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