Petsafe Smart Pet Feeder
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Petsafe Smart Pet Feeder

Fecha de la reseña 23/10/2019

Got a fat cat? How about a puppy that likes to eat too fast. Or are you just never home at dinner time? This WiFi connected pet feeder could help you out. Use an app on your phone to tell it to dish out a small portion for your fat cat so it doesn't overeat. Use the Slow Eat function to portion out a little at a time for that fast eater. Schedule meals or just hit Feed Now and your furry friend gets to chow down with a tap of your finger. Hunting and gathering has come so far.

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We were unable to determine if this device currently uses secure encryption.
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We were unable to determine whether this device receives regular security updates.
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We were unable to determine if this device requires a strong password or other means of secure authentication.
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We were unable to determine whether the company manages security vulnerabilities.
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Radio Systems Corporation can use aggregated, de-identified data for marketing or business purposes. This means that the company strips your data of personal information and then pools it with other user data.
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PetSafe's privacy policy is written in complex legal language, which may not be accessible to the average consumer.
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Qué podría pasar si algo falla

Unfortunately, this product raises some red flags. The company didn't take the time to get back to us with answers to our privacy and security questions. They also do not meet our Minimum Security Standards because the only privacy policy we could find was one for the website. That means the device and the app it connects to do not have a privacy policy we could find. That's bad. However, neither the device not the app access things like a camera, microphone, or location tracking, so really, unless the WiFi is insecure and could open your home to hacking (which is a possibility), what you really have to worry about is if someone is accessing your pets feeding schedule.

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