Anafi Drone este producto cumple con nuestros estándares mínimos de seguridad
Parrot $699.99

Anafi Drone

Fecha de la reseña 23/10/2019

This little drone, built a bit like a bug, isn't cheap. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. In this case, you pay for 4k HDR video, fancy digital stabilization, a camera with an 180° view, 25-minutes of flight time, and some super smart AI that lets you pick a person to follow and then step back and let the drone do all the following. Fortunately with this pricey drone, you also get improved privacy and security features we've seen lacking in many of the cheaper consumer drones.

Estándares mínimos de seguridad

Cinco pasos básicos que todas las empresas deberían tomar para proteger la privacidad de los clientes. Más información.

Calificación general de seguridad
5/5 estrella
Anafi uses encryption by default. The drone uses WiFi to communicate with the remote controller and traffic is authenticated and encrypted using strong encryption.
Actualizaciones de seguridad
Software and firmware updates happen automatically for the drone and remote controller.
Contraseña fuerte
The drone sets its own secure WiFi network to communicate with the phone/remote controller, and authentication is handled by the strong encryption key. There is no remote access at all to the drone system.
Gestiona las vulnerabilidades
There is no official bug bounty program, but the company performs regular security audits of Parrot products and suppliers. Security patches are made rapidly available when vulnerabilities are identified.
Política de privacidad
Does it have a privacy policy?

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¿Cómo comparte datos?
Parrot shares your data with third parties for commercial purposes only with your consent.
¿Puedes borrar tus datos?
¿La información de privacidad es fácil de entender?
Parrot's privacy policy is written in complex legal language, which may not be accessible to an average consumer.
Enlaces a información de privacidad

Qué podría pasar si algo falla

Last year when we reviewed consumer drones, too many of them had poor privacy and security. That's why it's nice to see the Parrot drone meet our Minimum Security Standards and take steps to protect users privacy. This drone costs $700, so you are paying a price to get that privacy and security. We would like to see more affordable consumer drones do a good job with privacy and security as well.P

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Review: Parrot Anafi Drone
IEEE Spectrum
Parrot reenters the consumer drone space with the innovative new Anafi, a US $700 consumer camera drone with a unique design and some unique features, coupled with the sort of thoughtful usability that we’ve come to expect from Parrot. We got a pretty good look at the drone in New York City, and have been trying one out over the past weeks.

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