Microsoft Surface Headphones 2

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2

Microsoft $249.99

Fecha de la reseña 02/11/2020

Omnisonic sound. 13 levels of noise cancelation. Advanced microphones in both ears (microphones in your ears, what?). Voice dictation for your Outlook emails. Yup, these Surface headphones from Microsoft have all that according to their website. Microsoft really wants you to pair this with their Surface computers and tablets. It connects to other things like your phone and non-Surface computer via Bluetooth though. And remember, advanced microphones in both ears!

Qué podría pasar si algo falla

Microsoft seems to do a pretty good job with privacy and security. They don't sell your personal data and while they may use it to market to you, they aren't like Amazon or Google where they are trying to learn every single thing about your to target you with a constant stream of ads. So, the worst thing that could probably happen to you with these Bluetooth headphones is that you look kinda dorky as you dictate your Outlook emails to those microphones in both ears.


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¿Cómo se utilizan estos datos?

Microsoft does not sell your personal data.

¿Cómo puedes controlar el uso de tus datos?

You can manage your data via the Microsoft Privacy dashboard.

¿Qué historial tiene la compañía en cuanto a la protección de los datos de los usuarios?

Necesita mejoras

In December, 2019 250 million internal customer service and support logs were exposed online.

¿Se puede usar el producto sin conexión?

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¿El producto cumple nuestros estándares mínimos de seguridad?


Uses encryption in transit and at rest.

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Actualizaciones de seguridad

Gestionar las vulnerabilidades

Microsoft has a bug bounty program, which means that anyone who finds a security issue and discloses it responsibly may get paid.

Política de privacidad

Microsoft's privacy policy contains "learn more" links that have more detailed information.

Inteligencia artificial

¿El producto usa la inteligencia artificial?

No se puede determinar

¿La inteligencia artificial utiliza tus datos personales para tomar decisiones relacionadas contigo?

No se puede determinar

¿La compañía explica a los usuarios cómo funciona la inteligencia artificial?

No se puede determinar

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Microsoft Security Shocker As 250 Million Customer Records Exposed Online
Davey Winder
A new report reveals that 250 million Microsoft customer records, spanning 14 years, have been exposed online without password protection.


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