Lego Hidden Side Graveyard Mystery

Lego Hidden Side Graveyard Mystery


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Up your Lego game with this augmented reality (AR) ghost game. Build the Lego haunted mansion, then download the Lego Hidden Side app to your phone. Point the app at your Lego creation and hunt ghosts on your own or get together with your friends for a fun multiplayer game catching ghosts or being a ghost. Adding virtual AR to real-world Lego fun sounds pretty cool. Kids still get to work with their hands to build and play and can now also connect with friends online to interact with their Lego creation.

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This augmented reality toy from Lego feels safe to us. Once you download the app to your phone or tablet, your kid doesn't need to be connected to the internet to play. Just point the phone's camera at your Lego haunted mansion and have fun hunting ghosts! If your kid wants to join others for some multiplayer fun, they can do that either together in person or online. Lego does say they may share or sell your personal information if you are over the age of 16- which isn't awesome. Welcome to the digital ad economy where you and your kids' data is monetized from an early age.
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With your permission, Lego may share your information with third parties for marketing and promotion purposes. Lego may also sell your personal information and usage data. Audio/visual information is reviewed to ensure that personal information is removed. Audio/visual information may be sold.

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You can request that data be deleted.

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No known incidents in the last 2 years.

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To experience multiplayer fun the Hidden side, your app will need to be connected to the Internet. No login is required to use the app.

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Lego has a responsible security vulnerability disclosure policy. They encourage reporting, but do not have a bug bounty program.

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The Lego Hidden Side provides an Augmented Reality enhancement for your lego set. The Hidden Side allows you to hunt ghosts in the app.
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