Kiiroo Titan VR experience

Kiiroo Titan VR experience

Kiiroo $199

Fecha de la reseña 07/02/2021

Kiroo bills this male masturbator as great for stamina training. Add in the VR headset for a more immersive experience to up your endurance even more. The Titan comes with nine vibrating bullets, a reusable Real-Feel sleeve, and a touch-sensitive trackpad to control stroke speed. This Bluetooth-enabled mastubator connects to the FeelConnect app which lets you sync your sleeve with interactive videos, the included VR headset, other toys close by, and your partner from anywhere in the world.

Qué podría pasar si algo falla

Kiiroo seems to do a pretty good job protecting users' privacy and security. The FeelConnect app used to control Kiiroo devices only collects and stores a small amount of user information like username and password. Other types of information like phone, location, and microphone data is not collected by the company. We love that they don't sell any user data they collect. They do collect and use anonymized data with third parties for analytics which is a fairly common practice so it doesn't worry us too much. The Onyx+ is a masturbator that connects to an app over Bluetooth and that app can be controlled over the internet, so it's not completely risk free. There's always a chance someone could see your Bluetooth connection from the hotel room next to yours while you are traveling, have the ability to hijack your Bluetooth connection, take control of those nine vibrating bullets and test your stamina in ways you didn't exactly foresee.


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Users can review, update, and delete their data by emailing [email protected]

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No known data breaches or incidents in the last two years

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Kiiroo has a full security review releasing new software by an external party and uses security specialists to review the app.

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