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Started in 1997, this dating app is targeted at Jewish men and women looking for other Jewish people to date. Free to sign up and browse profiles, users must have a subscription to message other users. With around 200,000 users worldwide, the app allows people to target specific Jewish affiliations such as Conservative, Hasidic, or Reform as part of their search. Users don't have to be Jewish to sign up, there is a "Willing to convert" profile option. Both straight and LGBTQ profile options are available on Jdate. And while users are only required to provide some basic personal information to sign up, users more open to sharing personal information will get more matches on the app.

¿Qué podría pasar si algo falla?

You learn some interesting things researching dating apps. Here's one: The Jdate app ask for permissions to control the flashlight on your phone and the ability to disable your lock screen. Weird and a little creepy, right? Creepy app permissions aside, Jdate says they don't "sell" your personal information based on a the legal definition of "sell." They aren't clear on how they might otherwise share or exchange your information though. And be warned, if you connect your Facebook account to Jdate they could be collecting a lot of data on you, including your name, profile picture, public Facebook profile, network, gender, username, user ID, age range or birthday, place of work, relationship interests, language, location, country, interests, photos, photos you are tagged in, videos, contacts list, friends lists or followers and other information such as information about Facebook friends you might share in common with other members. Shoot, depending on the site and your privacy settings, they may also post information to your social network. Yikes! Remember, when you connect a social media account like Facebook to Jdate, both Facebook and Jdate now potentially collect more information together. That's why we recommend users don't link your dating app to Facebook. What's the worst that could happen? Well, we'd hate to see the app take control of the flashlight on your phone and turn it on in the middle of a date with an SOS warning. That would be awful, as would Jdate collecting a whole bunch of information about you and sharing it around with others without your knowledge.

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Either email or third-party (Apple or Facebook) is required to sign up.

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¿Cómo utiliza la empresa estos datos?

JDate claims not to “sell” personal information, however, also claims that “If we exchange personal information with third party partners for monetary or other valuable consideration in the future, we will take steps to avoid activities that could be considered a “sale” of California consumer personal information, such as by seeking consent or by excluding California residents from such promotions or activities.” The dating app uses, aside from technical data, users’ location, gender and age to serve targeted advertising and profiling, as well as permit advertising networks to collect information on users. Jdate reserves the right to use non-personal, non-identifiable data for any purpose.

¿Cómo puedes controlar el uso de tus datos?

JDate’s Privacy Policy does not make any reference of GDPR or the right of EU residents, even though the app is available in European countries. California residents have the right to request to review their data and have it deleted by emailing [email protected]

¿Qué historial tiene la compañía en cuanto a la protección de los datos de los usuarios?


No known incidents for Jdate in last 2 years. Data breach for dating app (Zoosk) identified; Zoosk is also owned by Spark Networks. No indication that other dating apps owned by Spark were compromised.

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A very long privacy policy. While the first half is relatively clear, the second half is both complex and difficult to follow. No reference to GDPR and it is unclear whether or not their sell users data.

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We were unable to determine if they use encryption to protect users' personal information, chats, photos, and more.

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Minimum of eight characters. When we tried 12345678, it prompted us to use a less common password.

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We were unable to tell if they have a bug bounty program.

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