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The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and Mozilla Foundation are co-hosting a discussion about what an automated and democratic society should look like

As artificial intelligence (AI) technology grows more sophisticated and prevalent, a wide range of challenges and concerns are arising. Chief among them: What does an automated society that upholds democratic values look like?

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and Mozilla Foundation will co-sponsor a panel titled “AI and Democratic Values” to discuss this question on November 18.

Panelists will examine challenges and opportunities in the design of technology that can help support a democratic vision for AI. The discussion will cover the technical aspects of designing non-discriminatory technology; explainable AI; human-computer interaction with an emphasis on community participation; and privacy-aware design.

This panel is part of a series of listening sessions and events by OSTP to engage the American public in the process of developing a Bill of Rights for an Automated Society. Learn more about this process here.

Viewers can watch the November 18 panel Mozilla Foundation's Twitter and YouTube.


The 75-minute panel will feature:

Opening remarks by Sorelle Friedler, Assistant Director for Data and Democracy, OSTP; J. Bob Alotta, VP, Global Programs, Mozilla Foundation; and Navrina Singh, Mozilla Foundation Board Member and CEO/Founder, Credo AI

Moderator Kathy Pham, Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Product and Engineering, FTC

Panelist Liz O'Sullivan, CEO, Parity AI

Panelist Timnit Gebru, Independent Scholar

Panelist Jennifer Wortman Vaughan, Senior Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research

Panelist Pamela Wisniewski, Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of Central Florida; Director, Sociotechnical Interaction Research (STIR) Lab

Panelist Seny Kamara, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Brown University