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Julia Keserű is an activist and writer working at the intersection of technology and justice.

Kristophina Shilongo is a researcher contributing to the sustainable adoption of data-driven technologies in Africa.

Lucy Purdon was Policy Director at Privacy International leading on internal policy development across the organization.

Jasmine McNealy

Florida, United States

Jasmine is a Senior Fellow in Tech Policy.

Tarcízio Silva

São Paulo, Brazil

Tarcizio Silva is a Brazilian researcher and technologist based in São Paulo. Previously, he was a Mozilla Tech and Society fellow embedded at Ação Educativa, developing educational awareness projects about techn

Mozilla Awards Directory

Since 2015, Mozilla has distributed over $20 million in award funds to organizations and individuals in more than three dozen countries. The projects listed in the Awards Directory represent only a fraction of the projects supported across Mozilla’s long history as a grantmaker. For additional information about past awards, please contact [email protected].

Click here to see all listed projects or scroll to see examples from each Mozilla Awards track:

Creative Media Awards

The Creative Media Awards are Mozilla-funded digital art projects. We fund these innovative projects to help people make sense of the challenges technology brings us face-to-face each day.

Common Voice Kiswahili Awards

Funding people and projects across East Africa who leverage Common Voice’s open-source voice data set to unlock social and economic opportunities.

Data Futures Lab

Supporting emerging initiatives that are experimental and exploratory in nature to advance the field of data stewardship. 

Mozilla Technology Fund

Funding technical projects in specific areas that relate to internet health.

Responsible Computer Science Challenge

Supporting the integration of ethics into Computer Science (CS) curricula.