Mozilla Technology Fund (MTF)

Mozilla Technology Fund (MTF)


The Mozilla Technology Fund (MTF) supports open source technologists whose work furthers promising approaches to solving pressing internet health issues.

2023 Cohort

Auditing Tools for AI Systems

Doubling-down on our investments in the AI transparency space while leveraging the learnings and community of the Open Source Audit Tooling (OAT) Initiative, this year's cohort of the Mozilla Technology Fund is made up of eight projects focused on building tooling and resources to grow, support, and better coordinate the community of AI auditors.

Project Name | Awardee | Location

AI Forensics | Tracking Exposed | France

AI Risk Checklists | Responsible AI Collaborative | U.S.

Countering Tenant Screening | Wonyoung So | U.S.

Crossover | Check First | Finland

Evaluation Harness | Big Science | U.S.

Gigbox | The Workers’ Algorithm Observatory (WAO) | U.S.

Reward Reports | GEESE | U.S.

Zeno | Carnegie Mellon University | U.S.

About the Awardees

2022 Cohort

Bias and Transparency in AI Awards

The Mozilla Technology Fund’s first cohort focused on working to expose elements of how artificial intelligence (AI) systems work, in order to reduce bias in and increase the transparency of AI systems.

Project Name | Awardee | Location

Algowritten | Naromass | U.K.

Fair EVA | Wiebke Toussaint | South Africa

MAKHNO | Hermes Center, OONI and Tracking.Exposed | Italy/Multiple locations

TheirTok | Tomo Kihara | Japan/Netherlands

TikTok Observatory | Tracking.Exposed | Netherlands

About the Awardees