Mozilla Technology Fund (MTF)

Mozilla Technology Fund (MTF)


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Mozilla Technology Fund: Auditing Tools for AI Systems

In 2022, Mozilla welcomed our inaugural Mozilla Technology Fund cohort, which focused on reducing the bias in and increasing the transparency of artificial intelligence (AI) systems. We intentionally cast a wide net for our first cohort, funding art projects, creative writing utilities and crowdsourcing tools that did everything from measuring the unfair outcomes of voice assistant technology to exposing the inner workings of social media recommendation engines. Building on our learnings from that cohort, we’ve decided to focus our resources in 2023 on an emerging area of tooling that is under-resourced and where we see a real opportunity for impact: open source auditing tools.

This year, our aim is to double-down on our investments in the AI transparency space while leveraging the learnings and community of the Open Source Audit Tooling (OAT) Initiative.

Many industries—ranging from food and agriculture to the automotive industry—are tightly regulated and subject to inspection and external auditing as a means to ensure safety and accountability. While AI systems are increasingly being used to make determinations that impact people’s employment, health, finances and legal status, there are few mechanisms in place to ensure that these systems are being held accountable for harms, bias and discrimination. The Mozilla Technology Fund seeks to fund and convene projects which can grow, support, and better coordinate the community of AI auditors through tooling and resources.