Creative Media Awards

Creative Media Awards



What are Creative Media Awards?

The Creative Media Awards (CMA) uplift art and media to communicate complex technical concepts, deepening our understanding of technology and demanding accountability from those who build and deploy it.

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Applications are closed. We are currently conducting a retrospective of the Creative Media Awards program. Next call for proposals will launch in 2025.

It is clear that the tools, algorithms and machine learning techniques collectively referred to as Artificial Intelligence have the potential to disrupt democracy, interfere with human rights, and erode the public's trust in online information. However, some of these technologies might also be part of the solution to many of these emerging threats.

Further, current debates about algorithms tend to ignore the fact that our intelligent systems are ultimately designed and shaped by humans. The benefits and risks associated with, for instance, automated decision making flow from the tasks we choose to give to algorithms and the data that we feed them. Algorithms can help us stumble across the perfect song, or it can manipulate and polarize us. Creatively and ethically, there is an urgent need for artists and media makers to explore how these technologies will shape our experience online and off.

Supported projects have served to:

  • increase public awareness of the threats and opportunities of AI,
  • equip audiences with tangible ways to advocate for more responsible design, and
  • explore current realities or imagined futures through the lens of Black experience.