Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Samsung $149.99

Review date: 11/02/2020

Tiny earbuds in five shiny colors. They do the things earbuds do: sound good, cancel noise, let in ambient noise if you want, last up to 22 hours, pair with a phone or computer over Bluetooth, get lost easily. You can use the Find My Earbuds feature in the app to help find them, but only if they are already connected to your phone so don't lose these little guys if their battery is dead or you're more than 32 feet away.

What could happen if something goes wrong

These headphones come with a voice assistant name Bixby that will listen for your voice commands. Samsung says they may use your interactions with Bixby to learn more about you and then target you with adds or share this data with others who may use it to target you. That means it's possible you could ask Bixby to play lots of sappy, love songs over and over. Marketers could use this information to target you with ads for very expensive engagement rings. Love sick you spends way too much money on a ring for your significant other and you get turned down leaving your poor and heart broken. OK, this is probably not likely, but also not impossible in our digital ad economy.


Can it snoop on me?


Device: No

App: No


Device: Yes

App: No

Tracks Location

Device: No

App: Yes

What is required to sign up?

What data does it collect?

How can you control your data?

You can request that data be deleted.

What is the company’s known track record for protecting users’ data?


In February, 2020, Samsung had a data breach on it UK customer account pages, effecting less than 150 people.

Can this product be used offline?


User friendly privacy information?


Links to privacy information


Does this product meet our Minimum Security Standards?




Uses encryption in transit and at rest.

Strong password


Security updates


Manages vulnerabilities


Samsung has a bug bounty program, which means that anyone who finds a security issue and discloses it responsibly may get paid.

Privacy policy


Samsung has a page highlighting it's privacy principles

Artificial Intelligence

Does the product use AI?

Can’t Determine

Does the AI use your personal data to make decisions about you?

Can’t Determine

Does the company allow users to see how the AI works?

Can’t Determine

Company contact info


Samsung cops to data leak after unsolicited '1/1' Find my Mobile push notification
Gareth Corfield
Samsung has admitted that what it calls a "small number" of users could indeed read other people's personal data following last week's unexplained Find my Mobile notification.


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