PupPod Rocker with Feeder

PupPod Rocker with Feeder

PupPod $199

Review date: 11/02/2020

More and more of us are working from home and our dogs love that. More pup time is good for them and good for us. If you can't work from home--or if you pup keeps interrupting that video call--here's a little gadget that claims it will keep them entertained. This smart toy with lights rocks and rolls around to keep your pup busy when you can't. And with the feeder--a box with a built-in 1080p camera that flings treats when your pup does something good with the rocker toy--you've got your bases covered. The app lets you start and stop play from anywhere, fling treats when you want, and spy on your doggo while you're away.

What could happen if something goes wrong

We're not too worried about what could go wrong with this odd dog toy slash petcam slash treat dispenser. Yes, there is a camera on the feeder and having camera in your home always means you could get spied on. PupPod does meet our Minimum Security Standards though, so that's good. It looks like the PupPod only streams video when you turn it on in the PupPod mobile app. It's still probably a good idea to cover up that feeder cam if you're planning on doing anything crazier in front of it than play with your pup.


Can it snoop on me?


Device: Yes

App: Yes


Device: No

App: No

Tracks Location

Device: No

App: Yes

What is required to sign up?

What data does it collect?

How does it use this data?

PupPod does not sell customer data.

How can you control your data?

You can request that data be deleted. The PupPod Feeder only streams video through the PupCloud backend when the user turns on video streaming in the PupPod mobile app.

What is the company’s known track record for protecting users’ data?


No known incidents in the last 2 years.

Can this product be used offline?


User friendly privacy information?


Links to privacy information


Does this product meet our Minimum Security Standards?




Strong password


Security updates


PupPod has the ability to update devices and apps over the air as needed for security purposes.

Manages vulnerabilities


PupPod supports responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities. Please email [email protected] to report any security issues.

Privacy policy


Artificial Intelligence

Does the product use AI?


Company contact info

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