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Review Date 10/23/19

Roku is the one streaming TV device company that focuses solely on streaming TV. It give you lots of "channels" in its app store--everything from standards like Netflix and Hulu, to YuppTV for those can't miss south Asian channels and FunimationNow for the anime lovers. News, weather, sports, classic cartoons, Bollywood HD and Pokémon TV. Truly something for everyone. Just know that their privacy policy scared the researchers who worked on this guide a whole lot.
Minimum Security Standards
Roku devices encrypt data in transit and at rest.
Security updates
Strong password
There is a password for a Roku account but no password is required to use a Roku device once it’s set up.
Manages vulnerabilities
Roku does not have a formal bug bounty program but Roku has paid bounties in the past.
Privacy policy
Privacy policy reading level scores provided by the Usable Privacy Policy Project

Can it snoop on me?

Yes (device & app)
Tracks Location
Yes (app)

How does it handle privacy?

How does it share data?
Roku shares your personal data with advertisers to show you targeted ads and create profiles about you over time and across different services and devices. Roku also gives advertisers detailed data about your interactions with advertisements, your demographic data, and audience segment. Roku shares viewing data with measurement providers who may target you with ads. Roku shares aggregated data with third party channels about how you use their channels.
Can you delete your data?
User friendly privacy info?
Links to privacy information

What could happen if something went wrong

While Roku devices meet our Minimum Security Standards, if you look at Roku's privacy policy, you'll see they track everything you watch and share a lot of your viewing and demographic data with advertisers. One of the researchers working on this guide said, "It had such a scary privacy policy, I didn't even connect it to my TV." Another researcher referred to Roku as a "privacy nightmare."

How to contact the company

Phone Number No
Live Chat No
Twitter RokuSupport


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