Oittm Smart Aroma Diffuser
Oittm $48.99

Oittm Smart Aroma Diffuser

Review Date 11/01/2018

Nothing says romance like the smell of roses in the air. And nothing puts the smell of roses in the air quite like saying, "Hey Google, turn on my aromatherapy diffuser." This smart aromatherapy diffuser turns on and off with an app, allows for a schedule so you can literally wake up and smell the roses (or lavender or peppermint), and works with Alexa and Google Home.

Minimum Security Standards

Five basic steps every company should take to protect consumer privacy. Learn more.

Overall Security Rating
3/5 star
Security updates
Strong password
Users create an account and register the device to that account.
Manages vulnerabilities
Privacy policy

Can it snoop on me?

Device: No | App: Yes
Device: No | App: Yes
Tracks Location
Device: No | App: Yes

How does it handle privacy?

How does it share data?
Unknown. The only privacy policy we could find for this company applies only to their website. We were unable to determine if the privacy policy also applied to this device.
Can you delete your data?
Parental controls?
Collects biometrics data?
User friendly privacy info?
Links to privacy information

What could happen if something went wrong

Because the only privacy policy we could find for this company applies only to their website and not to this product specifically, we were unable to answer questions about how it might share any data it collects on users. Also, we were unable to determine if the product uses encryption. These are two red flags when you consider the app that controls this device accesses your phone's camera, microphone, and locaton tracking. Also, it's possible someone could hack your aromatherapy diffuser and wake you up in the middle of the night to the smell of roses. Not the worst thing that could happen ever, but still might be creepy.

How to contact the company

Phone Number 86 0755 36940221
Live Chat No
Twitter @OittmLife