Furbo Dog Camera with Dog Nanny this product meets our minimum security standards
Furbo $199.99

Furbo Dog Camera with Dog Nanny

Review Date 10/23/19

Do you have separation anxiety with your pup? Do those sad eyes get you every time you leave the house? Maybe you just miss them when you're at work? Here's an option: Put an HD video camera with two-way audio, barking alert, and treat tossing ability in your home so you're never really away from your furry friend. Add in the Dog Nanny and you get 24- hour event-based cloud recording, alerts when your pup doesn't something like take a selfie (not kidding), and a doggie diary. Is it creepy? Probably. Is your furry family member worth it? Most definitely!
Minimum Security Standards
Security updates
Strong password
Manages vulnerabilities
Privacy policy

Can it snoop on me?

Yes (device & app)
Yes (device & app)
Tracks Location
Yes (app)

How does it handle privacy?

How does it share data?
May share or sell user data with advertisers and/or third party businesses.
Can you delete your data?
User friendly privacy info?
Links to privacy information

What could happen if something went wrong

Furbo does meet our Minimum Security Standards and does appear to be making a good effort when it comes to users' privacy. However, you are putting a video and audio recording device in your home that connects to cloud recording. It is always possible, if unlikely, someone on the other end could be spying on you like you spy on your dog.

How to contact the company

Phone Number No
Twitter No


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