FREDI Baby Monitor
FREDI $35.99 - 45.99

FREDI Baby Monitor

Review Date 11/01/2018

Baby cameras are nice. They let Moms and Dads keep an eye on the little one while they do other things. The flip side is, you have a camera in the room with your baby capturing all those special and not-so-special moments. That gets creepy real fast when the baby camera--as this one does--has a history of being easily hacked, uses a default password of "123", and doesn't have a privacy policy we could find from the manufacturer. Baby cameras are nice, this one doesn't seem to be.

Minimum Security Standards

Five basic steps every company should take to protect consumer privacy. Learn more.

Overall Security Rating
0/5 star
Security updates
Strong password
The default password for this baby camera is "123". Not a strong password at all.
Manages vulnerabilities
Privacy policy
We could not find a privacy policy for this product. That raises a huge red flag.

Can it snoop on me?

Device: Yes | App: Yes
Device: Yes | App: Yes
Tracks Location
Device: No | App: No

How does it handle privacy?

How does it share data?
Cannot be determined (no privacy policy).
Can you delete your data?
We could not find a privacy policy for this product.
Parental controls?
Collects biometrics data?
User friendly privacy info?
Links to privacy information
  • No privacy policy.

What could happen if something went wrong

This product does a seemingly poor job protecting privacy and security. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence out there demonstrating these baby cameras are regularly and routinely hacked. Potentially, someone could access the video feed during private moments and spy on your family.

How to contact the company

Phone Number No
Live Chat No
Twitter Fredicctv


Another baby monitor camera hacked
The latest baby monitor hacking incident involves a $34 FREDI wireless baby camera monitor. The hacked device was used to spy on a mother and her baby.
True Story: The Case of a Hacked Baby Monitor
SEC Consult
Some time ago, a case about a hacked baby monitor made the news in the US. A mother claimed someone had taken control over the device and surveilled her baby. SEC Consult investigated the issue at a technical level.

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