Echo Series Smart Speakers this product meets our minimum security standards
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Echo Series Smart Speakers

Review Date 10/23/2019

Amazon has integrated Alexa in to everything from headphones to eyeglasses these days. Yet it all started with this little speaker that sits on your counter. Now, Alexa has become the most bossed around bot on the internet. She plays music, turns on lights, makes phone calls, tells jokes, gives the weather, reads the news, orders toilet paper, and helps you feel less alone. Whether you get the small Echo Dot, the bigger Echo Plus, or the higher end Echo Studio, Alexa will always be there for you, listening, ready to do your bidding.

Minimum Security Standards

Five basic steps every company should take to protect consumer privacy. Learn more.

Overall Security Rating
5/5 star
Uses encryption in transit and at rest.
Security updates
Does it get regular software/firmware updates?
Strong password
You need an Amazon account and password to set up Alexa.
Manages vulnerabilities
Is there a system in place for managing security vulnerabilities?
Privacy policy
Does it have a privacy policy?

Can it snoop on me?

Device: Yes | App: Yes
Device: Yes | App: Yes
Tracks Location
Device: Yes | App: Yes

How does it handle privacy?

How does it share data?
Your voice requests are used to train Alexa's speech recognition system. Amazon may use device data for customized marketing and targeted ads, including interest-based ads. This means that data about your searches or location can be used to target you with custom ads. Amazon says it does not otherwise sell, share, or rent personal data without your consent.
Can you delete your data?
You can delete past Alexa audio recordings & transcripts, even setting up auto-delete. However, the only way to delete all your usage data is to delete your Amazon account.
Parental controls?
Collects biometrics data?
Amazon collects and may review voice data from interactions with the Alexa.
User friendly privacy info?
Amazon has an Alexa Privacy Hub explaining its privacy practices in simple language.

What could happen if something went wrong

This product does meet our Minimum Security Standards. However, if privacy is a concern, know that Amazon collects and may review voice data from interactions with the Alexa. That means someone out there could be listening into your private conversations unless you opt out of human review. Also, Amazon uses device data to target you with marketing. That means it could learn way too much about you, your life, your weird quirks, and then try to sell you odd self-help books everywhere you go.

How to contact the company

Phone Number No
Email No
Twitter AmazonHelp


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With a Laser, Researchers Say They Can Hack Alexa, Google Home or Siri
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