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Review Date 04/23/2020

BlueJeans is a video call app aimed at business users. It works on desktop and mobile apps and within most browsers. This video call app claims a list of features like high-quality video, screen sharing, recording, and integration with various other business apps like Trello and Slack. BlueJeans even touts that it comes with “Dolby Voice,” so now you can listen to your boss yell at you in super clear audio. It was announced in mid-April 2020 that Verizon plans to buy BlueJeans. No idea what that means for BlueJeans' future, but Verizon has long opposed net neutrality measures which raises the question: Will other video call apps get throttled on Verizon in favor of BlueJeans? We hope not.

Minimum Security Standards

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Overall Security Rating
5/5 star
BlueJeans uses encryption. It does not use end-to-end encryption.
Security updates
BlueJeans updates its Desktop application about 5 times a year, and the mobile App is updated multiple times a month.
Strong password
A strong password is required
Manages vulnerabilities
BlueJeans has a bug bounty program
Privacy policy

What is required to sign up?

Email is required to sign up for BlueJeans

How does it handle privacy?

How does it share data?
BlueJeans collects personal information such as your name, who you work for, your job, where you live, your phone number and email address, and information from third parties you may link to Bluejeans such as social media and scheduling services. Bluejeans privacy policy states it may share this personal information with third parties.
How are your recordings handled?
Users can record meetings. These recordings are stored in "secure containers in the cloud." BlueJeans says they are encrypted and only accessible to the recording originator.
Alerts when calls are being recorded?
BlueJeans notifies all meeting participants when a meeting is recorded
Does the platform say it is compliant with US medical privacy laws?
Bluejeans has not signed the necessary documents to claim HIPAA compliance
Links to privacy information

Can I control it?

Host controls
BlueJeans moderators or hosts can start chats or calls, add participants or invite others to the meeting, kick participants out if they are unwelcome or unruly, auto record meetings, share their screen, request desktop control, mute the camera or speaker, and switch audio to phone.
Is it easy to learn and use the features?
Bluejeans has substantial documentation to guide a host, participant, or administrator to use this app or join a call through a browser.

What could happen if something went wrong

BlueJeans seems to do a fine job with security. It doesn't use end-to-end encryption, but it still uses strong encryption and has the ability to require passwords to access meeting to stop the dreaded "zoombombing." It does collect some personal information about users like your name, who you work for, your job, where you live, your phone number and email address, and potentially shares that data with third parties, which we don't love. That being said, BlueJeans' acquisition by Verizon, and Verizon's long history of being against net neutrality, leaves us concerned.


Verizon is buying BlueJeans, one of Zoom’s videoconferencing rivals
The Verge
Verizon announced on Thursday that it has entered into an agreement to acquire videoconferencing and event platform BlueJeans Network. The companies did not announce the terms of the deal in a press release, but The Wall Street Journal reports that Verizon will pay less than $500 million for the company, which has some 15,000 business clients.
BlueJeans review
BlueJeans has several great features for businesses, including video recording, meeting highlights with task assignment, and up to 20 breakout meetings for collaborating on subtasks. However, issues with lag potentially undermine the service.

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