Behmor Brewer Coffee Maker this product meets our minimum security standards
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Behmor Brewer Coffee Maker

Review Date 11/01/2018

There's a million memes on the internet warning of the dangers of talking to a rabid coffee drinker before they've had their first (or fifth) cup of coffee of the day. Being able to set customized coffee brewing preferences from an app on your phone before you even get out of bed seems like it could save the world from a whole lot of cranky coffee-drinker. A couple taps on your phone and you've got coffee at the perfect temp, at the perfect time, with the perfect brew.

Minimum Security Standards

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Overall Security Rating
5/5 star
Security updates
Strong password
Customers are prompted to create a unique password.
Manages vulnerabilities
Privacy policy

Can it snoop on me?

Device: No | App: No
Device: No | App: No
Tracks Location
Device: No | App: No

How does it handle privacy?

How does it share data?
May share or sell user data with advertisers and/or third party businesses.
Can you delete your data?
Parental controls?
Collects biometrics data?
User friendly privacy info?
Links to privacy information

What could happen if something went wrong

Someone could ruin your whole day by hacking your coffee maker and turning it off so you'd have to actually make it yourself when you get up in the morning. Fortunately, Behmor does a pretty good job of protecting this coffee maker from being hacked.

How to contact the company

Phone Number No
Live Chat No
Twitter behmor