Beeline Smart Bike Compass this product meets our minimum security standards
Beeline $131

Beeline Smart Bike Compass

You know what bikes are missing? GPS. A little friendly navigator to get you around town hands-free. Enter where you're going in Google Maps and this little guy will navigate you through the streets to your destination. It also has a compass mode so if you ever want to take off and ride west for days, you can stay on track. Throw in a speedometer, clock, and phone battery meter and you've got yourself a handy little gadget to strap onto your bike.

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Can it spy on me

Camera Device: No | App: No
Microphone Device: No | App: No
Location Tracking Device: No | App: Yes

What does it know about me

Product uses encryption

Reading level for privacy policy


Privacy policy reading level scores provided by the Usable Privacy Policy Project
Shares your information with 3rd parties for unexpected reasons
Nearly every company collects some kind of information on its users. That’s how the internet works. It’s how they use and care for this information that matters. You should know whether a company shares or sells your personal information to others and for what reasons. For the purpose of this report Mozilla determined that if according to a company’s privacy policy, it appeared to share data with third parties that could then use that information to market or advertise to customers, then we labeled it as “Shares information with third parties for unexpected reasons.” This does not mean your information is definitely used for these purposes. Simply that the policy leaves the possibility open your information could be used in this way.

Can I control it

If a password is required, you must change the default password
Automatic security updates
Deletes data it stores on you
Has parental controls
Can't determine

Company shows it cares about its customers

Company manages security vulnerabilities
Company makes it easy to contact customer support
Phone Number No
Live Chat No
Email Yes
Twitter Yes

😮What could happen if something went wrong

Not much really. If you lost your phone someone could tell where you ride your bike.


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