Anafi Drone this product meets our minimum security standards
Parrot $699.99

Anafi Drone

Review Date 10/23/19

This little drone, built a bit like a bug, isn't cheap. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. In this case, you pay for 4k HDR video, fancy digital stabilization, a camera with an 180° view, 25-minutes of flight time, and some super smart AI that lets you pick a person to follow and then step back and let the drone do all the following\. Fortunately with this pricey drone, you also get improved privacy and security features we've seen lacking in many of the cheaper consumer drones.
Minimum Security Standards
The controller connects to the drone through an encrypted WPA2 network.
Security updates
Firmware updates happen automatically for the drone and remote controller.
Strong password
Authentication is handled by the WPA2 key. There’s no remote access to the drone system.
Manages vulnerabilities
Privacy policy

Can it snoop on me?

Yes (device & app)
Tracks Location
Yes (device & app)

How does it handle privacy?

How does it share data?
Can you delete your data?
Parental controls?
Collects biometrics data?
User friendly privacy info?
Links to privacy information

What could happen if something went wrong

Last year when we reviewed consumer drones, too many of them had poor privacy and security. That's why it's nice to see the Parrot drone meet our Minimum Security Standards and take steps to protect users privacy. This drone costs $700, so you are paying a price to get that privacy and security. We would like to see more affordable consumer drones do a good job with privacy and security as well.P

How to contact the company

Phone Number (877) 972-7768
Live Chat None
Email None
Twitter Parrot


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