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Amazon Smart Plug

Review Date 10/23/2019

This super simple smart plug makes it easy for the less technically savvy to add a little "smart" to their home. Plug it in, open the Alexa app, connect it, then start telling it what to do either through the app or through an Alexa device like the Echo Dot or the Sonos One. It's a plug, so telling it what to do means telling it to turn on or turn off. Turn on or off the lights, the fan, the coffee maker. Just imagine how fun it will be to tell Alexa to turn on your favorite lava lamp just by saying, "Hey Alexa, make it groovy."

Minimum Security Standards

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Overall Security Rating
5/5 star
Uses encryption in transit and at rest.
Security updates
Does it get regular software/firmware updates?
Strong password
A helper device securely shares Wi-Fi credentials to help connect it to your network.
Manages vulnerabilities
Is there a system in place for managing security vulnerabilities?
Privacy policy
Does it have a privacy policy?

Can it snoop on me?

Device: No | App: Yes
Device: No | App: Yes
Tracks Location
Device: No | App: Yes

How does it handle privacy?

How does it share data?
Amazon can use your device data for customized marketing and targeted ads, including interest-based ads. This means that data about your browsing or location can be used to target you with custom ads.
Can you delete your data?
You can delete data from your device but it may remain on Amazon's servers unless you delete your entire Amazon account.
User friendly privacy info?
Amazon's privacy information is written in fairly complex legal language and is not maintained in one central location.
Links to privacy information

What could happen if something went wrong

The biggest concern with this Amazon smart plug--other than someone else figuring out how to control your lights--is that Amazon loves to track device data so they can target you with custom ads. Not that Amazon doesn't already know you love coffee and your lava lamp--they do--but now they also might know when you like to turn them on and off and what music you like to listen to when you're lava lamp is on.

How to contact the company

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