Canon Pixma TS5120 Black

Canon Pixma TS5120 Black

Wi-Fi Bluetooth

Review date: Nov. 2, 2020


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People voted: Somewhat creepy
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a printer that connects to the internet through both WiFi and Bluetooth! And then it prints tall buildings from your computer or smartphone. Yup, that's what it does.

What could happen if something goes wrong?

This printer allows you to print locally over WiFi and also from the Cloud. With anything stored in the Cloud, you're counting on that Cloud storage to be safe and secure at all times. As we all know, hacks and data leaks happen. So if you're planning on printing super sensitive stuff, it's probably best to get a printer that just connects directly to your computer. We do like that Canon says they will not transfer your personal data without your prior explicit consent.
mobile Privacy Security A.I.

Can it snoop on me? information


Device: No

App: Yes


Device: No

App: No

Tracks location

Device: No

App: Yes

What can be used to sign up?

What data does the company collect?

How does the company use this data?

Canon will not transfer your personal data without your prior explicit consent.

How can you control your data?

You can request that your data be deleted.

What is the company’s known track record of protecting users’ data?


Canon experienced a data breach which exposed the email account containing documents of certain General Electric employees, former employees and beneficiaries entitled to benefits that were maintained on Canon’s systems.

Can this product be used offline?


User-friendly privacy information?


Links to privacy information

Does this product meet our Minimum Security Standards? information




You can set your printer to only receive encrypted secure print jobs.

Strong password


Security updates


Manages vulnerabilities


Canon encourages researchers to responsibly report security vulnerabilities.

Privacy policy


Does the product use AI? information

Can’t Determine

Is this AI untrustworthy?

Can’t Determine

What kind of decisions does the AI make about you or for you?

Is the company transparent about how the AI works?

Can’t Determine

Does the user have control over the AI features?

Can’t Determine


Third Party Data Breach of GE Vendor Exposes Highly Sensitive Employee Information
Scott Ikeda
It’s important to protect every email account at an organization, but the concern is usually that those accounts will provide a crack in the defenses through which hackers can move laterally and eventually get to the good stuff. It would be an outrageous lapse of security awareness to have an email account holding scores of sensitive personal records, including financial information and scans of identity documents, ready to be harvested immediately by anyone who manages to phish that account. Yet that seems to be exactly what has happened in a recent third party data breach at General Electric (GE) contractor Canon Business Process Services.


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