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Review date: 02/07/2021

BlackPeopleMeet is a dating app targeted toward Black men and women, although anyone can sign up to the app regardless of race. Launched in 2002, BlackPeopleMeet claims to be the largest dating site for Black singles in the US, with around 10% of their users living outside the US. The only personal information you'll need to give when signing up is gender, birth date, zip code, and email. Users can browse profiles and look for matches for free. Messaging potential matches is only available as a premium feature with a paid subscription.

What could happen if something goes wrong

Match Group owns BlackPeopleMeet and at least 45 other dating sites like Tinder, OKCupid, and Plenty of Fish. When you sign up with one of these dating sites, their privacy policy states they may share your personal information with any of the other 45+ Match Groups sites. That's a lot of personal data you might have thought only going to once place getting shared across multiple dating sites with hundreds of millions of users. Add in the fact that a Norwegian Research Council study recently found some of these Match Group sites may be sharing users' personal information like your location and dating preferences to marketing companies in ways that may violate privacy laws, and you've got yourself a potential privacy mess. On top of that, when you connect a social media account like Facebook to that dating app, both Facebook and the dating app now potentially collect more information together. What's the worst that could happen? Well, BlackPeopleMeet knows where you live, what race you are, and how you describe yourself in a nutshell. If that sensitive personal information isn't secured properly, it could get leaked, shared with Kanye West, and he could use that to target people with ads for his 2024 run for President. This maybe isn't super likely to happen, but hey, weirder things have.


Can it snoop on me?


Device: N/A

App: Yes


Device: N/A

App: No

Tracks Location

Device: N/A

App: Yes

What is required to sign up?

What data does it collect?

How does it use this data?

BlackPeopleMeet definitely shares user data with around 45 other Match Group companies, such as Tinder, OK Cupid, and Hinge among others. The company uses third parties for purposes such as analytics, advertising and payment processing,

How can you control your data?

Users can request a copy of their personal information, as well as their data to be deleted. Users based in California can request a notice disclosing the categories of personal information that Tinder has shared with third parties for their direct marketing purposes during the preceding calendar year.

What is the company’s known track record for protecting users’ data?


No known incidents in the last two years

Can this product be used offline?


User friendly privacy information?


Links to privacy information


Does this product meet our Minimum Security Standards?



Can’t determine

We were unable to determine if they use encryption to protect users' personal information, chats, photos, and more.

Strong password


Password must be a minimum of six characters.

Security updates


Manages vulnerabilities


Encourages security researchers to disclose any potential vulnerabilities uncovered to [email protected]

Privacy policy


Artificial Intelligence

Does the product use AI?

Can’t Determine

Does the AI use your personal data to make decisions about you?

Can’t Determine

Does the company allow users to see how the AI works?

Can’t Determine

Company contact info


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