Open Events Guide

Open Events Guide

Reach Your Audience

Your community co-designer will be particularly helpful as you seek to reach your audiences. A good understanding of the community you seek to reach and ensure that you’re communicating about the event in ways that align with their interests and needs.

For communication, use the channels and platforms that your audience uses, where they’re most likely to get your message. IRC, Mattermost, Gitter, or Slack are examples of platforms for quick, shared communication. You can use social media platforms, blogs, email newsletters, lists or groups to advertise your event. Or you might put up posters or distribute postcards announcing your event, if you’re looking to reach local residents. Don’t underestimate the power of direct, personal asks to invite people to your event!

You’ll want to come up with a plan for how, when and how often to communicate with potential participants. You don’t want to invite participants too late (like the day before the event), or too early (invitations sent six months in advance might be forgotten). Reminding participants of the event too often, and you may annoy them. Aim to communicate useful information and encouragement at the right time, when potential participants can take action (like registering for your event, viewing a schedule or filling out a survey).

What are some successful strategies you’ve used to bring participants to your event? Share them here.

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