Open Events Guide

Open Events Guide

POP Your Event!

Ever started a project but got lost along the way to completion? Had a great idea for an event that never gained momentum? Maybe your idea changed course midway and the results were confused or disappointing. For any project or event, it’s important to be clear on your purpose for the work, the outcomes you hope to see, and the process you’ll use to get there-- before you get going. You’ll find it easier to stay the course and share your vision with others, especially participants and contributors.

At Mozilla, we often use a tool called POP, which we learned from the brilliant folks at Rockwood Leadership Institute. POP stands for Purpose, Outcome, Process. To create a “POP” is to define and document these three elements for an event or project. We recommend you do this for your event at the very beginning of the planning process.

Here’s a sample POP created for this very document you’re reading now.


  • To provide an open, lightweight, easy to use, text-based standalone guide to building open events of all kinds


  • People use and improve the guide through feedback and changes
  • Our communities create better, more inviting, effective open events (especially during 2019 Internet Health Sprint Month)


  • Review and adapt existing materials
  • Research new resources with help from colleagues and community
  • Write up the guide!
  • Request feedback and invite contributions

A POP is usually one page or less, and it shouldn’t take long to complete, especially if you already have a good idea of what you’re planning. Don’t feel like you need to include every single tiny process step in the POP-- you can document those later (see Roadmap, below). You’re only listing broad steps here. It’s GREAT if you can do this with a collaborator or stakeholder or two, to get their insight and investment from the start.

Once you have your POP, here's how to use it.

  • Review your POP as you work, to ensure you’re hitting your process points
  • Return to your POP to ground yourself in your awesome purpose
  • Share your POP with all collaborators, as an easy way to orient them to the work

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