Open Events Guide

Open Events Guide

Onwards From Your Event

To increase the impact of your event, tell your story!

You might write a recap blog post, tweet or post favorite photos of the event, or include an update in a newsletter or email. And you can share documentation you create for your event (like a workshop plan) or content you worked on at the event (like code or design work) to allow others to remix and reuse. Don’t forget to appreciate everyone who helped put the event together or participated-- thank them either in your public posts or with personal notes.

A short participant surveys can help you measure the success of your event. The questions you ask depend on your desired outcomes (this is a good time to review your POP). When formulating surveys, here are a few tips:

  • Provide the survey at the close of the event, or soon after, when the experience is fresh
  • Limit the number of questions; people are more likely to respond if the survey is short
  • Ask simple questions-- a 5 point “Likert” scale is good for gauging a range of responses
  • Include a “open answer” question like “is there anything else you’d like to tell us”

Generally, your next steps you’ll do after your event really depends on the goals for your event, and how you hope to engage participants going forward (review that POP!). You’ll decide if you want to meet with one or two super star contributors, run a follow-up event, create a whole new amazing project with your newfound collaborators... or something else. The sky’s the limit!

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