Open Events Guide

Open Events Guide

About the 2019 Sprint for Internet Health

What is the Sprint for Internet Health?

It's an opportunity to gather your community together to

  • make significant progress on an open project
  • learn a new skill together,
  • have an important discussion or planning session around your work
  • or collaborate in some other way that's meaningful to your community.

It's also a chance to see your work in the context of the larger, global movement for a healthier, better Internet-- for background see the Internet Health Report.

The Sprint for Internet Health is a more open, flexible evolution of Mozilla’s Global Sprint, which encouraged open projects around the world to hold project-related work sprints over one 48 hour period. Now we’re sprinting over an entire month with an open format!

When is it?

Sprint ANYTIME during the month of May of 2019. This event is timed to coincide with the release of the 2019 Internet Health Report in mid April.

What will I do?

  1. Join the sprint Gitter chat to connect with others participating, ask questions and get up to the minute info
  2. Pick a format to use community contribution and energy to further your work-- the format is open! Learning circles, work sprints, hackathons, teach-ins, discussion groups… it’s up to you!
  3. Find a suitable space (either in person or online) to host a gathering; plan what resources you’ll need (from post-its, sharpies, and coffee to chat channels and video conference rooms)
  4. Schedule your event! Pick the days, times, durations that are best for your community and your work-- you might chose an afternoon in-person gathering, a 24 hour hackathon, or 3-day asynchronous work sprint.
  5. Create participation guidelines for your event/project
  6. Reach out and invite community! Let people know about your event, and all the ways they can participate.
  7. Prepare your project for contribution. Or develop a plan for your learning circle, discussion, hackathon, etc
  8. Post your Sprint Event on Pulse so everyone knows it’s part of the Internet Health Sprint.
  9. Check out the 2019 Internet Health Report, due out in April to see how and where your project fits in with the bigger Internet Health Movement.
  10. RUN YOUR EVENT! Be sure to welcome newcomers and enforce CPG for a safe and productive event for all participants
  11. Document the event. Share out what you did, who contributed, next steps, etc
  12. Collect feedback from participants to understand what worked and how you might improve next time

What other info is coming your way?

More info about connecting your event to the Internet Health Report to come in April. Questions about the evolution of the Sprint? See this blog post.

This is part of a broader movement for a healthy internet. See more.